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Trade Shows Stink – Sean Ryan of Medidenta

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Trade Shows Stink – Sean Ryan of Medidenta

This week, I was so happy to see an old buddy. I know no one can get sick of a face like his, so I’m hoping you guys are just as excited about Sean Ryan coming on for another episode of the Nifty Thrifty Podcast. If you haven’t yet been introduced to Sean, he’s known as the “Head Cheese” at Medidenta. Sean and the team at Medidenta have been pulling strings for our community for quite some time now but if you don’t know Sean, chances are you don’t know about Medidenta. In that case, you’ve come at the right time:  Sean is confident that Medidenta has turned into a powerhouse now more than ever.

Medidenta is a direct-to-dental company that has been evolving over the course of 80 years into the force it is today. And although Medidenta has been through its share of changes, they’ve always been creators, innovators, and distributors of affordable, premium dental products. During this livestream, Sean explained how, although Medidienta is known for their deals on a massive variety of hygiene products, the company has grown to offer even more to the dental community. Medidienta has expanded to provide educational resources to dentists including free CE courses!

Trust me when I say that—whether you’re a new practice, a growing practice, or a mature practice—Medidenta has products within its catalog made for you. At Nifty.Medidenta.com, you can access almost every product offered at a discounted rate for members of the community (plus additional sales)! Here, you can find everything including bulk deals on handpieces. Sean is even open to negotiating custom deals for members of the community who reach out to him. 

If you ever need help troubleshooting an issue with one of their products, a member of the Medidenta team will be happy to assist you over the phone. I’m speaking from personal experience when I say that Medidenta strives to go the extra mile for their customers. 

Medidenta also boasts a huge, unique endo line. Sean emphasizes that “when you buy an endosystem, you’re also getting free education.” Dr. Carlos Spironelli Ramos, a renowned PhD of endodontics, helped design Medidenta’s endo products, but the influence of his expertise doesn’t end there. Dr. Ramos can answer any questions about how to use these units, as well as questions on file systems and endo in general. 

For even more education, I encourage you to visit Medidenta.com/education. Here, you’ll find free online CE courses taught by the likes of Dr. Ramos and other qualified experts. The next upcoming event features Dr. Sean Whalen’s live Q&A on pediatric dentistry on August 16th. 

In September, you can attend Dr. Ramos’s in-person event in Las Vegas. Here, you can try Medidenta’s endo unit and a variety of different file systems. 

Learn About:

  • Which other CE courses will Medidenta offer in the near future?
  • How were dentists trained in endo treatments more successful during Covid?
  • How do Medidenta’s deals compare to name-brand companies?
    • Hint: Medidenta will send you a handpiece with free sheaths and other extras at an even lower price than the competition! 
  • What’s so special about Medidenta’s advanced cordless endo motor? And why does Glenn consider it “genius”? 
  • Why does Sean think it’s so important to give back to the dental community?
  • How did Glenn and Sean meet? 
  • What inspired Sean to begin offering free CE?
  • How many CE credits can you earn at the Las Vegas event?
  • What does Sean offer to dentists who attend the event or tour the Medidenta facility?
    • Hint: You’ll be sure to get your hands on “significant discounts” including a $500 credit toward Medidenta products! 
  • And more!

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