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2020 Virtual Summit Recap

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Dental Discounts, Nifty Blog


2020 Virtual Summit Recap


Like climbing a mountain and breathlessly reaching its peak to take in the view, the 2020 Virtual Summit filled us with inspiration and insight. 

It is both refreshing and necessary to step away from the daily, on-the-ground tasks of running a practice for the opportunity to elevate our successes with the wisdom and coaching of industry leaders. 

This weekend was jam-packed with some of the best pieces of advice and strategies we’ve heard regarding life during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. From the principles of a useful Digital Work Flow to “Rocking Your Revenue with Reactivation,” industry experts of marketing, branding, team-building, utilizing DSOs, rapid revenue generation, and more have united for this remote edition of a traditional dentistry summit. 

Not only was the 2020 Virtual Summit free to attend because of our incredible sponsors, but it is also STILL free to watch today if you missed it. Virtual Summits are uniquely accessible and can be paused, rewound, and shared. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to listen in on valuable content such as: 

  • Harnessing the Power of the One-Minute Video For Your Practice

The dynamic duo Dennis Yu and John Cordray present on their 3X3 Formula for a one-minute video that will help grow your practice and create more high-value patients without the need for professional videographers or software. Their presentation comes with a gift: for virtual summit attendees, John Cordray made a free Facebook group to coach us beyond their presentation on powerful one-minute videos. See how one of the original Yahoo analytics engineers, Dennis, and a certified digital marketing expert, John, come together to help dentists scale their practices through tested-and-proven video strategy. 

  • Three Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Working… (And What YOU Should Do About It) 

Dr. Nate Jeal has put six figures (over $100,000) on his book in less than six hours with his Fast Growth Formula. From coast to coast, Dr. Jeal teaches on marketing strategy and how to implement these lessons to doctors in his keynote presentations and Instagram account’s library of laser-focused growth tips. His section of our summit is all about solving case acceptance problems. He puts the case-acceptance power back in our hands and helps us understand how patients make buying decisions. He tells us to “get out of their way and allow patients to make the buying decisions” that will boost your practice’s revenue to up to $100k/day. 

  • How to Have Everyone Act Like an Owner

CEO of Community Dental Partners Emmet Scott is the king of growing and scaling your team and working with DSOs. Right off the bat, he dives into three principles to develop a group of invested “owners” that take a natural interest in the success of your practice and the fulfillment of its patients. Teach your team to continually wow your patients through strategies that uplift them and foster clarity. Emmet’s three-legged formula includes creating avatars for particular patient demographics, brand-building, and perspective shifts that will elevate how your staff is viewed and treated, thereby showing them that they are valuable “owners” of the practice too. 

Other Topics Include: 

Pediatric Dentistry for the General Dentist: When to Treat and When to Refer 

Design Your Digital Work Flow 

Busting the Loss Leader Myth: How to Rebrand and Restructure Hygeniene, Post-COVID Edition! 

Closing the Patient Treatment Gap by Marketing in a Pandemic 

Staff the Right Way— Pay-grade System 

HERO: Redefining Emotional Intelligence 

And much more. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain all of the benefits from a dental industry summit right from the comfort of your own home. This entire event is an incredible way to learn some new things, refresh your perspectives, and earn some CE credits. 

If you are interested in earning CE credits for this summit, there are up to 16 available from the Entire Event for just $99, or you can purchase One Day of CE for $59 (8 credits). 

Enroll in those CE credits here-> https://bit.ly/302v5ce , grab some snacks, and get ready for a truly great show. 



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Glenn Vo
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