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3 Ways to Achieve Consistent Improvement in Your Dental Practice

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Nifty Blog | 0 comments

3 Ways to Achieve Consistent Improvement in Your Dental Practice

One thing I love about searching for Nifty Thrifty deals for the dental community is how many ways there are to improve our practices. If you have been a member of the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook community, you have likely seen deals on a variety of things from software to new equipment, and everything in between. You also likely know I work hard to find Nifty Thrifty deals on the best products and services we use. And you likely know how much I believe in consistent improvement, both personally and professionally.

One benefit of consistently improving as people and practice leaders is it allows us to grow over time. We do not let years go by without improving our practice, fall behind other practices, and need a major overhaul to catch up. And one of the best ways to consistently approve is to always be looking for ways to serve patients better. Here are three things we can all do to achieve consistent improvement in our practices.

1. Find alternative treatment options to make care more accessible.

3 Ways to Achieve Consistent Improvement in Your Dental Practice

Technology moves fast, and while it is not wise to buy every new gadget that comes out, we can use technology to our advantage. Look no further than all the advancements in orthodontics in recent years to find these options. Years ago, patients had few options to address malocclusion or other cosmetic issues. Today, we have many ways to help patients.

Not only have options expanded, but costs have come down, making straight teeth accessible to more patients. For example, Ron Nguyen from Ace Aligners recently joined me in the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook community to talk about his company’s alternative to Invisalign and Clear Correct.

Ace Aligners makes clear aligners accessible to general practitioners and orthodontists using efficient 3D-printing technology. The process is easy and the cost is low, too. The cost of five-month cases with Ace Aligners is under $500. And that is before the Nifty Thrifty deal!

2. Attend in-person training courses to serve patients better.

3 Ways to Achieve Consistent Improvement in Your Dental Practice

Did you know some of the symptoms of ADHD are the same symptoms caused by sleep issues? Imagine that. That means parents who do not know this could be giving kids ADHD medicine when they actually just have sleeping issues. I recently attended Meghna Dassani’s Pedo Sleep Course—Healthy Sleep Happy Kids to learn how to serve my patients better. It was both an eye-opening and life-changing course because one of my first patients will be my own daughter. Sleep disorders among your pediatric patients is more common than you think. If you think treating our younger patients well is important, there is good news: we have plenty of options to learn to serve them better.

3. Get productive in paradise.

3 Ways to Achieve Consistent Improvement in Your Dental Practice

One of my favorite ways to learn to serve patients better is by combining business and pleasure. And there might not be any better way to do that than to network and learn in paradise.

You can enjoy Jamaica, learn how to build a better practice, and network with other dental professionals at my friend and mentor, Anissa Holmes’ Delivering WOW Summit. It is an awesome event with amazing speakers. I even get on stage to speak about How to Be a Nifty Thrifty Dentist. I am very passionate about helping dental professionals save money so they can bring more home to their families and reinvest in their teams.

You could also experience life on the sea while earning CE on a Smiles at Sea dental cruise organized by my friend Elijah Desmond. You will earn CE, learn how to serve patients better, enjoy the sun and sea, and network with hundreds of other dental professionals.

How do you achieve consistent improvement in your dental practice?

3 Ways to Achieve Consistent Improvement in Your Dental Practice

We have so many ways to improve our practices. These three are some of my favorite because they allow me to serve more patients, offer more and better procedures to patients, and connect with other growth-minded dental professionals.

If you have not joined the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook group, head over, share some of your favorite ways to improve your practice, and enjoy some Nifty Thrifty deals!


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