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4G Dental Lab


Even with the popularity of digital scans and CEREC systems, dentists have come to realize that they still need a trustworthy dental lab on their side. Whether it is to handle highly aesthetic cases or for complex reconstruction or removable cases, a good lab is the ace in a dentist’s lab coat!

I had a friend who bought a CEREC machine and found that there were a number of cases where the crowns just didn’t come out right. There was the patient with the D3 stump shade with gray and brown undertones and all those subtle hue, chroma, etc issues that a CEREC machine block just could not emulate. It ended up where she had to send those aesthetic cases to a lab any ways. So while your CEREC rep may tell you that you will never need to send a case away again, that isn’t always true.

What about practices who just cannot or do not want to pay a for a milling machine that costs as much as a luxury car (then add on the monthly support plan)? They need a quality lab that can offer them high quality work at very competitive prices with customer service to back it all up!

Recently I had an opportunity to talk to Jeff Guidie of 4G Dental Lab. With decades of dental lab experience, Jeff decided to start his own lab so he can control the quality, the services, and the prices so that they were second to none.

His quest for excellence for his clients can be seen throughout the 4G lab. They just launched a customer portal that allows the client to view their account, request pick up, pay bills, and to communicate with the lab with ease. It is another way that 4G is working to make life easier for the dentist!

But his desire to spread education is best seen in the Learning Center he has built within 4G Lab. It’s a meeting facility that can hold up to 50 doctors for CE courses or meetings. It is available for rent at a special price for Nifty Thrifty members  (and for 4G customers, wait until you hear what the rental fee is!) and is meant to encourage learning and the exchange of knowledge within the dental community. Now that is truly thinking beyond just fabricating crowns for clients!

Listen in on my conversation and you’ll see that 4G Dental Lab has set itself apart from just any dental lab. It truly wants to be your partner in growing your dental practice!

Find out about:

  • The 4G Dental Lab philosohphy and pricing transparency
  • Pricing can literally save you 50% off your lab fees
  •  Implant package pricing (no more add on fees!)
  • New customer portal that allows you to manage your cases on your time
  • Their new Learning Center

Now what about that Nifty Thrifty deal?

  • For all new customers, send in 10 crowns and the 9th and 10th crowns will be FREE!
  • For existing customers, get the referral deal: refer a customer and once they get their 9th and 10th crown completed, then you will get two free crowns credited to your account! There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make!

Contact 4G Dental Lab here and tell them you want the Nifty Thrifty deal and they’ll get you hooked up!


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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS


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