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We had a special edition of Nifty Thrifty with Aaron Boone of MVP Mailhouse. 

If anyone can deliver stellar coach-like advice that truly motivates, it’s a former professional football player and business owner Aaron Boone of MVP Mailhouse. Today, Aaron has switched gears, working nonstop to increase new-patient appointment rates through his direct mail service. In his own words, Aaron “eats, drinks, and sleeps new patients to dental offices.” 

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, I met with Aaron to discuss action steps that we dentists can take to ensure that we are continually moving in a positive direction, even on a small scale, instead of remaining complacent in difficulty. 

During our talk, Aaron shared an important coach-like piece of wisdom. While it is easier said than done, living with a victim mentality is something that becomes a crutch, ultimately leading to our own detriment. Aaron encourages us not to see ourselves as victims of circumstance, but as leaders and victors. What can we do today to get one more step ahead? 

People don’t forget when you go the extra mile, particularly during challenging times. Get on patients’ “good lists” by caring about them in their time of need. Call them and see how they are doing during COVID-19. Is their treatment making a difference in their lives? Is everything feeling okay since their last appointment? No matter the outcome of this simple conversation, it is an opportunity to strengthen your community ties. 

According to MVP Mailhouse’s overall data, 80% of calls coming in are from female patients. As a key takeaway here for current times and in the future is that you want to appeal to moms in your messaging. MVP Mailhouse does a free heat map analysis to display where the majority of your patients originate from. It’s often eye-opening to see how close many of your patients live to your practice. Target those little neighborhoods around you and understand the needs and culture of your core area. 

Additionally, if you are a current customer, MVP Mailhouse can also audit the effectiveness of your front desk. Aaron and his team can see how many missed calls you’ve had in a particular period of time, and additionally are able to hone in on the effectiveness of particular front desk members that answer phones. Which staff members are appointment-closing Allstars and which ones need more training?  

When it comes to direct mail, Aaron believes that the most effective messages are the most personal ones. A note from the doctor, photos of staff, and other thoughtful additions can create a sense of strong community ties. Putting in reviews and recommendations from other patients strengthens your messaging, reassuring patients that your practice is safe and trustworthy during times of uncertainty.

MVP Mailhouse offers an analytical approach to your design, supplying images and messaging that resonates with the particular audience receiving the direct mail.

As Aaron puts it, he and his team of full-time designers are wanting to make cookies and hope that we eat them. They are offering free high-resolution starbursts to put on your website, changing the colors to match your brand. 

Be strong during this time and let Aaron and his team amplify that strength so that your whole neighborhood can see it. 

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