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Adit Dental Software – One Software to Manage Your Entire Practice

by | Feb 13, 2023 | Articles, Nifty Blog

Adit Dental SoftwareHave you ever watched Lord of the Rings? They say that there’s a ring that rules them all. Well, guess what: Adit is the dental practice management software that leads them all.

Ali Jhaver and I have been trying to make this Nifty Thrifty Dentists episode happen for over two years. He’s the CEO of Adit—an excellent dental practice management service (we’ll talk about what they can do for you in a bit)—and he was joined by Jonathan Karen, an Account Executive over at Adit.

In the Nifty community, we’re all about helping one another out. Our group doesn’t only revolve around saving money but leveling up. We want to build relationships not only with the companies we work with but also with the people who lead those companies. Ali feels the same way, and he’s a great resource for any dental practice owner in the Nifty Thrifty family.

Many members of the Nifty Thrifty community are already happy customers of Adit. Unfortunately, there are a few people who have used Adit in the past and are unhappy about the results they got. That’s why Ali wanted to take a moment to discuss the results. So, tune in to hear him talk about what his services can do for you and your practice.

Adit was designed and explicitly engineered for Dental Practices, being the only software

solution that integrates Patient Reminders, Patient Forms, Online Scheduling, Reviews, Analytics, and more—all in one place.

So, what’s Adit’s story?Adit Dental Software – One Software to Manage Your Entire Practice

Well, Adit was Ali’s first company coming out of college—he started it around 2012—and it’s been an amazing journey serving dentists specifically over the last ten years. Many dental practice owners know that with any startup, its owner is going to learn a lot of different things as it grows—and that was definitely the case for Ali. Every company has its struggles. To be going strong for ten years means a lot, especially when their team has also remained strong throughout.

First, Adit started with digital marketing, helping dentists to grow in the online space. Their approach came down to transparency—i.e. tracking patients that actually book appointments by listening to phone calls—and they were one of the first marketing companies to bring that concept to the market.

As Adit grew and did better and better with marketing, they

started to run into the subjectivity of it all: 20 patients for a practice can mean one thing while 20 patients for a different practice can mean another thing.

Marketing is only a percentage of the pipeline when it comes to building up a dental practice. It varies significantly between how you pick up phone calls, treatment acceptance rate, diagnostic rate, and production on the first visit—all these kinds of things impact how well a marketing program will perform for your practice.

Over the years, Ali and his team have found that a lot of dentists struggle with the aspects that go beyond marketing. They’ve also learned that marketing isn’t always a “one-hat-fits-all” and what might work for one office might not work for the other.

Thus, over the years, Ali and his team have learned what works and doesn’t. They’ve maintained a steady clientele of dentists, with over 1,000 dental offices still paying for their marketing program.

You’re probably wondering: What success have those practices seen? In terms of the Nifty Thrifty community, many of them started at 0—meaning they started with Adit—and have exited with more than five locations, more than $10,000,000 in valuations, and more crazy success stories.

That said, we’ve all seen the nature of marketing: it doesn’t always work for everyone. Marketing strategies often disguise a piece of the picture. It gets ugly between no-show rates, reminding patients of their appointments, streamlining schedules, and more.

More than 95% of practices that come to Adit marketing have no clue what they’re averaging on their first patient. Since that realization, Adit has pivoted from being a digital marketing company to an “all-in-one software solution,” giving crucial data to dental practices:

What is (and what isn’t) working?
How do you act on datasets (from the patient operation, scheduling, forms, payment, etc., back to rehabilitation, re-care, etc.)?

Before Jonathan Karren joins a company, he wants to know what the leadership is like and what their software has to offer. But, for him, how much they focus on the customer is the most important thing—that’s why Adit made the perfect fit for him.

Adit integrates into about 90% of dental software—and they have a very “deep” integration at that: Watch or listen to the episode to learn more about diving into each of Adit’s tools, as Ali will walk through each piece of the puzzle and explore it in depth.


Learn about:
What are the benefits of being a customer of Adit for 4-5 years?
How can Adit help you to stay on top of patient forms?
How can Adit help you to keep track of your appointments?
How can Adit help you to call a patient directly?
What makes the difference with hygiene production breakdown—fluoride vs. perio-treatment??
What’s the problem with missing out on Adit for 4-5 years?
Patient list: software is one thing, but Adit has figured out online scheduling. It’s easy for both those who are new and existing. I need something: BOOM.
How can you set up reminders through Adit—whether they’re birthdays, appointments, payments, etc.?
What makes Patient Forms a tough cookie, and how does Adit make it simple?
How has Adit improved in the last year? What software have they integrated with?
How do reviews directly translate to patients? What can Adit do about that?
What software companies does Adit work with?
Hint: so many!

How much can practice management systems cost you per month?
At least $600-750 per month for two systems.
At least $1,200-$1,200-$1,400 per month for four systems.
What about Adit’s standard pricing—for everything?
A whopping $549 per month.

And more!

Nifty Thrifty Deal:

Get a $50 Amazon Gift Card when you demo Adit, plus 50% off activation when you sign up!

Get your Nifty Deal here:



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