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Andrew Goodman’s Expertise on Dental Facebook Marketing

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Articles, Nifty Blog

AGNC Media


Lead generation expert Andrew Goodman has been running social media for high-profile clients for over ten years. He has more recently honed in on providing some dental Facebook marketing services for a variety of clients, some of which are already in our group. 


While Andrew Goodman is a master of most things social media, for dental marketing, he recommends working predominantly with paid Facebook and Google ads. Whether you hire a social media marketer or do it yourself, Facebook is the ideal platform to work from due to its trackable results and wide-spread reach. Even if you aren’t an expert on nuance and lead generation, spending between $300 to $500 per month on Facebook advertisements under your own system can drive profitable results. 


If you are in a situation where you can afford to hire someone like Andrew Goodman to run your ads, a few things are important to consider. Firstly, every dollar you spend on employing a skillful dental marketer should be matched 1:1 on advertisement spending. This means if you are paying your dental social media marketer $1,000 per month, you need to spend that same amount on advertisements. Why? Every dollar invested by a lead-generation expert like Andrew will drive the same level of results a novice may drive with several dollars. This will magnify your practice’s outreach and generate leads on a scale large enough to make paying a social media expert worthwhile. Don’t underutilize your service. 


Secondly, as Andrew Goodall I and discussed, not all dental social media marketers are the same. When you’re looking to hire someone to take over your Facebook ads, Andrew Goodman noted a pretty simple way to assess your marketer’s credibility: Ask the candidate whether he or she believes that using before and after images on Facebook is a good idea. 


While this type of marketing can be powerful, it doesn’t necessarily fly on Facebook and other social media platforms that monitor and prohibit any negative imagery. Facebook wants their platform to act as a “happy pill,” and their system will flag ads of jagged yellowed teeth or lists of patients that should return for treatment. Expert dental Facebook marketers are aware of these types of nuances while scammers and novices are not. 


Finally, know what you’re paying for. Andrew Goodman recommends never paying for simple engagement. Dental marketing that targets vanity metrics such as your number of page likes rarely translates into profit. Instead of a sledgehammer-like approach of mass marketing and boosting posts for engagement, Andrew urges dentists to use a scapple approach instead. How can you target the most relevant crowd possible and lead them to a website designed to drive conversions? 


In this pay-to-play environment, it’s important to remember that these paid Facebook ads will lead your potential patients to your website or Facebook page. Do you have an active presence? If you’re using the typically unreliable boosting feature on Facebook, is it for targeted and creative posts that encourage folks to share that information with their friends and family members? What deals and community engagement elements are you offering? 


With his wisdom and experience, Andrew Goodall is a fantastic resource for our group. If you have questions about running better Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or even creating an Instagram account to boost your community engagement, he’s available to chat via Facebook messaging or email. 


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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo