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Apex Payment Solutions

Apex Payment Solutions

At Nifty Thrifty Dentists, my goal was to create a forum where we can get together and exchange ideas and recommendations on how we can save money in our practices. Part of my job is to bring the group great deals to save us all money and I think this particular deal will help practically every practice owner.

And I am talking about the dreaded merchant processing fees we all see every month and get a glazed look while doing so! The majority of patients nowadays pay via of credit card. I can count on one hand how many patients I have that pay cash on a monthly basis. So if you calculate the percent that you pay for each swipe, it can definitely add up and this is what I call low hanging fruit where you can easily save money every month!

That is why, by popular demand, I have brought Apex Payment Solutions back to talk about their low transaction fees and their value-added services that can save you thousands of dollars each year! In fact, they were able to cut my merchant processing fees by half! Yes, half! I was shocked when I first saw how low their rates were and felt that their service was a must for the Nifty Thrifty nation!

But not only is Apex Payment Solutions able to offer you low merchant processing rates, their innovative platform allows you to set up your own automatic payment plans, in house financing, and loyalty plans. These are added features that, while they may appear to have no direct monetary value, the benefits they offer will eventually prove to be invaluable to your practice. 

You can do all this without having to pay a third party to administer it. Just imagine the possibilities this opens up. You can offer financing to patients without having to use a financing company such as CareCredit. That in itself can save you 10-20 plus percent depending on what term the patient selects. 

Apex can code a “Pay Now” button directly on your website so now patients can pay online. This is seamless within your website yet the financial data and transaction is on Apex’s server so you don’t have to worry about financial data breaches. By making it easy and convenient for the patient to pay you, it is more likely that they will do so. How many times have you remembered to pay a bill but it is 10 pm at night? If they offer online payment, you make the payment. Done! But if you have to wait until the office opens, well, we all know that sometimes we get busy and that bill gets piled under a bunch of other correspondence…until you get the second notice….

Do you have payment plans for extended treatment such as Invisalign? You can easily set up recurring payments for that. Any loyalty plans? Set it up to bill when you want and it does it automatically! Imagine how much staff costs you save by having this automated. No longer do you have to worry if your office manager will remember to run a charge every month for a particular member! Nor worry if her drawer full of credit card numbers ever gets in the wrong hands.

The service that Apex offers is great. The founders, Zak and Jonathun, believe in customer service and are always available if there are any issues. Their fees are hard to beat and when you listen to all that their service offers, you will wonder why you haven’t signed up!

Of course, to make it sweeter, there is a Nifty Thrifty deal and they’ve extended it to the end of the end of August!

Find out about:

  • Merchant processing fees and how the big names don’t always offer the lowest rates.
  • Virtual terminal features that gives you a snapshot of how your practice is doing.
  • How Apex allows you to have a “Pay Now” button added to directly to your website but the transactions are handled and batched just like your in office payments.
  • Easily create templates for automatic payments, extended payment payments plans, and in house plans. 
  • Value added features that saves your office time and money.

Apex Payment Solutions

Now…what about that awesome Nifty Thrifty Deal? For ALL new clients who sign up through the Nifty Thrifty deal:

  • $100 off any Clover terminal.
  • Free iCT220 terminal ($220 value).
  • No contracts, no termination fee, no application fee. This is truly a no obligation service. Try them. If you don’t think they can help your practice then cancel at any time.
  • Send them your current statement and they will evaluate and compare it to their fees. They’ll send you the analysis and you determine if you’d like to sign up for the service. No pressure. No hard sell. No obligation.

 Contact Jonathun at [email protected] or Zak at [email protected] and they will get you hooked up with this Nifty Thrifty deal!  


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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS


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