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Ascentcare Dental / Lindsay Nienhouse

For those of us that have reopened our dental practices or who are planning on reopening soon, Ascentcare Dental Products may be an ideal resource for us with its many highest-in-demand products and fastest shipping rates.

For hot items like HVE adapters, consider Ascentcare Dental Products for high-quality models that pair easily with both DryShield and Zyris isolite products, including disposable mouthpieces. These HVE adaptors are composed of a light-weight aluminum material instead of plastic and can easily pair with any HVE valve.

During our talk, marketing representative Lindsay Nienhouse and I discussed other uniquely useful items that could potentially make a dentist’s work much easier. A unique feature offered by Ascentcare Dental Products is their HyperLUX Fiber Optic Light Engine. According to Lindsay, the fiber optic light runs off of rechargeable batteries that are good for six hours of continual use on the highest setting. This battery model allows the light engine to easily move from room to room without the issue of anchoring the devices with plugs. The adapter is extremely simple to use and has a long cord allowing you to tuck the light engine away just about anywhere.

Other goodies on their website, https://www.ascentcaredental.com, include their illuminated mirror, which pairs with their light engine. The mirror is designed to provide light off the mirror instead of on it, allowing dentists to see what they are doing without a glare. There is also a light-weight transillumination instrument that is simple to connect to the light engine.

Personally, one of my favorite items that I think my hygienist would be excited about is the multifaceted Mouth Prop System. This system first offers open access with a sturdy design that allows hygienists to easily access their patient’s teeth. The magnetic coupling tracks allow users to slide in different accessories including the tongue guard and some illuminated attachments to streamline work.

Upon an order, you can expect your VacuLUX to arrive in two weeks. For those of us that placed orders through backed up or overseas adaptors, switching to Ascentcare Dental Products’ adaptor may be a good option if you need your tools in a shorter time frame. Other accessories such as the Illuminated Mouth Mirror and the Mouth Prop System can be at your office within three to five days.

Of course, as members of the Nifty Thrifty group, many of us had questions about pricing. Lindsay broke down some updated COVID-19 related pricing and then offered us a special Nifty Thrifty deal.

The VacuLUX is normally $229, but knowing that most dentists have not been practicing recently, Ascentcare has dropped the price to $199 for a limited amount of time. The battery pack is $369 and the illuminated mirror is $24.95. As a bonus, if you order five mirrors, you’ll get one free. The Mouth Prop System is $24.95 a piece with accessories sold in pairs, left and right, for a total of $19.95. There is a Bite Buddy starter kit for $239, with small, medium, and large props that come with tongue guards and saliva ejector tube holders. Lighted attachments are $40 for a pair.

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Now what about the NIFTY THRIFTY deal….

  • Use code NIFTY during checkout and get 10% off all items aside from the VacuLux units.
  • If you call in, mention the Nifty Thrifty group for your discount. All questions can be addressed by the Ascentcare Dental Products team from their website at https://www.ascentcaredental.com or by calling 616-600-4505.



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Glenn Vo
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