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Attracting and Retaining Dental Patients

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Dental Discounts, Nifty Blog

Attracting and Retaining Dental Patients

I’m excited to announce that marketing master Minal Sampat and growth wizards Kelly and Anna Schwartz have officially joined forces for those of you who don’t already know. This means that they’re our one-stop-shop for attracting new patients without expanding our marketing budgets and leveraging those patients to maximize retention and case acceptance. 

So who exactly are Kelly and Anna Schwartz? 

Consultant Kelly and his wife have been working with over 750 different practices, increasing their profit by an average of $12,000 to $17,000 a week without a lick of marketing knowledge. They’ve developed a purely word-of-mouth business around improving customer retention and case acceptance that measures and improves its results constantly. It’s no wonder they’ve appeared as top-rated consultants on Dental Intel so often. 

In contrast, Marketing Strategist Minal Sampat is the queen of marketing in the dental industry. You can ask her clients: all of them have stellar reviews not only because she’s an incredibly easy person to work with, but also because she knows how to drive real, proven results. In some of her previous seminars, Minal has seen practitioners cry tears of joy when they found out that they had so much leverage over their marketing without adding additional dollars to their budget. 

In her own words, Minal is a numbers person. Like Kelly, she likes to know that what she is doing is working at the end of the day. “Without conversions, everything is fluff and talk. I don’t believe in fluff and talk,” says Minal. 

Not long after publishing her book Why Your Marketing is Killing Your Business and meeting an overnight success, Minal met Kelly and Anna. They decided to combine their proven talents to survey the dental community and host a workshop guiding dentists toward success in exactly what they wish to know. 

By the end of nearly every workshop Minal has led previously, her clients left with an in-depth marketing plan in their hands that actually works. At their workshops, Kelly and his wife Anna bring with them at least two or three proven systems that ensure that the right patients come back time and time again. 

Interested in a freebie that can double your case acceptance rate right now? 

The number one reason patients leave the practice is because they don’t feel appreciated.

Kelly knows that most proactive dentists may call the patient the day afterward to check-in when a patient doesn’t take treatment right away. I do this at my practice. 

However, this often makes patients think you’re after their money. They don’t feel appreciated or cared for. Kelly recommends waiting 10 to 14 days before sending them a letter with a picture of the tooth and a note expressing the doctor’s concern, as well as what he can do to fix it. 

10 days after sending the letter, have your team call, offering to have the tooth taken care of before things worsen and the expenses rise. 

For more wisdom and encouragement, listen in on my chat with Minal Sampat and Kelly Schwartz. And no matter the month, may the Schwartz be with you. 

Nifty Deal

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