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Being More Productive While Reducing Overhead – Support DDS

Support DDS

In a dental practice, team is everything. If a practice owner doesn’t appreciate team members and pay them what they deserve, adjustments need to be made. With each coming day, however, overhead costs are rising. The average minimum wage is going up throughout the country, not to mention various obstacles put in place by the pandemic. Each team member presents an expensive investment, to say the least.

There’s a way to elevate your team at an affordable rate, though. By hiring a virtual assistant from a third-world country, you can take an ethical route while paying a much lower salary. Support DDS has a team of A-Players, based in Zimbabwe, with complex infrastructure in place. They go to great measures to ensure a secure connection between dental practices and virtual assistants by offering their employees advanced routers and military-grade IT security.

Support DDS’s mission goes beyond helping dental practices; they want to change their virtual assistant’s lives. Unemployment is a worldwide issue, but it’s particularly bad in third-world countries. Despite high literacy rates, many people can’t secure a steady salary and provide for themselves and their loved ones. Helping these folks work as virtual assistant offers a “win-win-win.”

It’s a win for the office, as they pick up an affordable A-player to bolster their productivity. And it’s a win for the team members, of course, because they really need these jobs. Due to the state of the economy in which these employees live, the salary they’ll earn as assistants can support 4-8 members of their family. Between this salary and holiday bonuses, each virtual assistant has been compensated accordingly. It’s a great ROI, and you’re getting a similar, suitable return of work for a lower price. And last but not least, it’s a win for the patients. With the help of a virtual assistant, your front desk members won’t be bogged down, thus making it easier for your patients to get the treatment they deserve.

Fellow Nifty Thrifty member Nikky felt a lot of frustration about how her front desk team members kept getting caught up in insurance calls. Other important calls would be subsequently dropped and, worse, patients were left on hold. The productivity of Nikky’s front desk members suffered.

Nikky decided to outsource her insurance calls to a virtual assistant at Support DDS. This proved to be one of the best business decisions Nikky ever made, and she’s been so happy with the results that she wanted to participate in a Facebook Live event with the owner of Support DDS, J.W. Oliver Jr., who I connected with recently.  I kept hearing good things about what J.W’s company was doing for fellow practice owners like Nikky, so we sat down to talk about how his company leverages virtual teams to increase productivity and grow dental practices.

Nikky chose to work with Melody—or “Mel” as Nikky calls her—and has been thrilled with her choice. Mel handles all the insurance calls, and Nikky hasn’t had to deal with any insurance verifications for over three years now. Nikky loves the convenience of being able to text, call, or contact Mel in almost any way to handle insurance-related matters. Although they have only met via video calls, Mel is still close with the team; in fact, she’s become a part of the team’s culture and family.

Support DDS’s virtual assistants, like Mel, aren’t split between multiple practices. They operate as full-time team members who are committed to your practice and yours alone. Mel started as insurance verification but she’s been trained by Nikky and her team to do much more than that. Now Mel can take care of more tasks that would otherwise slow down the productivity of the rest of the team’s members.

This is a no-brainer, especially if you’re on the west coast or up northeast where competition for work is fierce. You might find someone great for $12 an hour locally, but the math is simple—hiring through Support DDS is far more affordable. Say goodbye to accounting for benefits, insurance costs, turnover, and more. Support DDS is both a financially efficient and ethical route of hiring.

Support DDS doesn’t just assign you a virtual assistant, either. They give you the option to interview candidates and find who you think is the best fit for your business. You could scout for a virtual assistant on your own through the internet, but that leaves a lot of holes in your bucket. You can’t be certain whether or not they’re working from a secure connection as promised with Support DDS, and you’re in trouble if they’re ever unavailable. Support DDS always has extra help on deck in the case of a no-show so that you can be sure your team won’t be spread too thin.

If you’re interested, head on over to SupportDDS.com and check them out.

Learn about:

  • How did Nikky go about the onboarding process with Mel? How long did it take?
  • Are there any downsides to getting a virtual team member?
  • Why should you use Support DDS?
  • And more!

Nifty Deal:

  • Typical Deal: A one-time boarding fee of $1,850 is followed by a $1,850 monthly fee. This buys you a full-time, 40-hour week virtual assistant. No extra fees, nickel-and-diming, etc. You can opt-out at any time with no contracts tying you down.
  • Nifty Thrifty Deal: only $1,650 per month and $500 off your first month.

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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo