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Dr. Len Tau – Birdeye

Dr. Len Tau – Birdeye

With the advent of social media and how it has become such integral part of our society, it is no wonder that most potential patients will search online for a dentist. Even if someone was referred by a friend, he/she will almost certainly check online to see what information they can find about a dentist via Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. It is a fact of life nowadays and that it is why it is more important than ever that practices incorporate patients reviews as part of their marketing plan.

Birdeye is one of the established names in the patient review service and they have Dr. Len Tau as their dental product expert. Many of you have heard of Dr. Tau. He is one of the pioneers of utilizing patient reviews as an integral part of practice marketing.

What makes Birdeye different from most other patient review service is their three-prong approach: obtain, aggregate, and clean-up. First, they will obtain patient reviews through your existing practice management software. The interface is simple for your staff to utilize. But once you have reviews, Birdeye will collect them from all sources (even ones not generated from Birdeye) and put them together so that when a viewer looks you up, it is not just based on reviews from one platform but pulled together from multiple platforms. This will boost the total number of reviews that you have. Then Birdeye does local citation clean-up for you. As Dr. Tau talks about in my interview with him, if there is incorrect information on a provider such as name, address, or phone number, that might not be recognized as the same provider. So that provider could be missing out on positive reviews on him if the address or name was slightly different. Birdeye will clean up these little errors so that you get all the reviews due to you!

Of course, in addition to being the dental expert for Birdeye, Dr. Tau runs a successful consulting business. He has helped hundreds of dentists grow their practice through a holistic view of the practices.

Listen in as Dr. Tau gives some great tips about handling upset patients and how to handle bad reviews. I might have gotten a Nifty Thrifty deal…or two….out of our chat. Check it out and see!

Find out about:

  • Birdeye’s new webchat feature
  • How to ask for patient reviews 
  • How to handle an angry patient/bad review
  • How Birdeye’s patient review service is just more than asking for reviews
  • Dr. Tau’s dental consulting approach

Dr. Len Tau – Birdeye
 Now…what about that awesome Nifty Thrifty Deal?

Dr. Tau throws us a great mix of deals on Birdeye and his consulting service to meet everyone’s needs. Are you ready?

  • Birdeye service (with no webchat) – $200/month or $2000/yr. It is normally $250/month or $2400/yr.
  • Birdeye service with webchat – save $50 off for the webchat (that is a 50% savings!) so it is $250/mo or $2600/yr.

Package deal with Birdeye and Dr. Tau’s consulting service: 

  • Sign up for Birdeye and get $1000 off any consulting package. Order both and get a copy of Dr. Tau’s soon to be released book.
  • Sign up for the Birdeye package and get a no obligation complimentary 1 hour consultation with Dr. Tau.
  • If you are an existing Birdeye user, Dr. Tau will extend the $1000 discount off any of his consultation packages.
  • If you just need consulting and are not a Birdeye user, Dr. Tau is offering $500 off any of his consultation packages.

Make sure that you mention that you want the Nifty Thrifty deal in order to get these exclusive deals!

You can contact Dr. Tau at [email protected] or click here for his website contact page and fill out the form and he’ll contact you promptly.


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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS