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Brandon Bomar / Austin Air

air purifiers,mercury filter,dental air purifier

Brandon Bomar, normally our CBCT hook-up, is here to aid dentists in air purification practices, the effective and thrifty way.

I started doing air purifier research about a month ago but felt really discouraged by the steep prices and long shipping periods for medical-grade units. I called up Brandon and soon after we discussed the problem, he and some partners came together to search for a manufacturer that could design and ship what dentists need at the best price possible. They approached Austin Air, a 30-year company with a history of high production, and found an incredibly effective solution that would meet all of the needs of dentists without breaking their banks.

Through their partnership with Brandon, Austin Air has created a new model of air purifiers designed specifically for dentists. It has eliminated inefficient items in air purifiers such as UV-C lights, and instead included vital ones such as a mercury filter. The mercury filter has a proprietary design that sets it apart from most air purifiers.

During our talk, one of our viewers asked us to compare the standards of this new Austin Air model to Surgical Clean Air and IQ Air. Personally, Surgical Clean Air’s $2,000 price tag for a small unit, and $6,000 for a large, seemed like too much for me. Austin Air’s product is less expensive and has been endorsed by FEMA, the Army, the American Red Cross, and more. Brandon’s favorite perk of choosing Austin Air is its warranty of five full years that stands strong in the face of the more common, one-year warranties. Most air purifiers need their filters changed twice a year, but Austin Air’s products need filter replacements just once every five years.

Also, once you turn it on, it takes five minutes to clean an entire room. It’s 47 pounds, with a base of 14 by 5 inches and a height of 23 inches. It can fit just about anywhere, even in a busy space.

Brandon and I agree that when it comes to long term effectiveness simplicity is better. This dental model has an easy filter changing process and a 3-stage controller. It is built like a tank and is designed to work all day long by collecting air from all sides and sending fresh air out of its top.

The retail price on this dental Austin Air unit is $1800. One unit can be taken down to $1499 with our Nifty Thrifty Deal, and two units can be purchased for $999 each, with free shipping for each, instead of $49 shipping. The code for this deal is “Nifty” on rejuvenairusa.com.

Unlike other air purifiers often sourced overseas with large backorders, you can order one of Brandon’s purifiers right from upstate New York. Once an order goes in, there is a two-week production period and then a standard shipping period of around 5 days or less.

If you need an air purifier immediately, you can purchase a medical-grade “Bedroom Unit” from Austin Air on rejuvenairusa.com that can ship immediately at a listed price of $845, that can be reduced with a 5% Nifty discount listed below.

These units were created to be sold specifically to just the Business of Dentistry Group and our Nifty Thrifty Group. If an air purifier is on your list of reopening items, consider Austin Air’s dental-specific unit. It’ll be a breath of fresh air.

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Now what about the NIFTY THRIFTY deal….
  • Buy 2 or more RejuvenAir Professional Series unit and use code NIFTY to get each unit for $1049,  with FREE shipping.
  • Use code NIFTYAUSTIN to Get 5% off on Austin Air Healthmate Plus or Bedroom Machine with FREE Shipping.

 Visit the website to place your order:  https://rejuvenairusa.com/ 

air purifiers,mercury filter,dental air purifier


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