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Brian Dershow / Turbi

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Nifty Blog | 0 comments


Brian Dershow / Turbi


Have you ever wished there was an easy button to repair your expensive, high-speed handpieces when they bug out? Most of us toss those malfunctioning handpieces in a drawer and then eventually send them off to a repair company that may charge up to $190 to $250 per repair. 

The recent COVID-19 induced slowdowns may have drawn your attention back to these broken tools, but as some of our budgets have tightened, some of us may be waiting to get these handpieces fixed due to those steep costs. 

In my recent chat with Brian Dershow of Turbi, the do-it-yourself high-speed handpiece repair kit, Brian revealed that actually, most high-speed pieces can be repaired in around five minutes by just about anyone. We also don’t have to pay for shipping or experience long wait times when we have the option of fixing those tools ourselves. 

Turbi has a how-to video collection that shows customers exactly how to replace the turbines in high-speed handpieces of every type and brand that runs on one speed. 

This is how it works: you go on their site at Turbi.com, select the handpiece you have, receive the repair kit with all tools included, follow the how-to video, and presto! You’re done. 

Brian says that Turbi prides itself on using only the highest quality turbines which is especially important because refurbished or low-standard turbines that may be used by “discount repair services” can affect the performance and lifespan of your handpieces, ultimately costing dentists more. 

By bypassing the discounted repair and traditional expensive options to repair your handpieces yourself, essentially, you can save $100 in five minutes. 

Personally, I plan to save even more time by having my team members watch the Turbi videos and learn how to restore broken handpieces themselves. 

Turbi kits, before the Nifty Thrifty discount, go for $119 per kit, including free shipping, free how-to video access, and a 1-year warranty. During our talk, Brian mentioned that because of the quality standard of Turbi turbines, it’s unlikely that you will need to replace your turbines again until far beyond the warranty period has passed. Handpieces function at their best when these top-grade turbines are in use which also makes our work more efficient. 

If you’re worried about having yourself or your team members replace turbines accurately, Brian mentioned a couple of key nuggets for us to consider: 1. We work with our hands constantly and therefore are steadier and more skillful than most people in detail work, and 2. Even his seven-year-old daughter was able to replace a turbine after watching a five-minute how-to video. 

Stop overpaying for something you can easily do yourself for half the price or less. Turbi can be your new high-speed handpiece repair solution, ensuring top quality materials and substantial savings. 

Learn more about:

  • The options you have when your handpieces give out 
  • Why knock-off turbines are a risk you don’t want to take 
  • The resources you need to fix your own handpieces in under five minutes

And for the Nifty Deal…

  • The regular price for a repair kit: $119
  • The Nifty price: get 10% off two or more turbines
    Enter code: nifty
  • Visit : https://turbi.com/ to get the deal

Brian Dershow / Turbi



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