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FAST & FREE health insurance quotes with Dylan Brockman from Brockman Health.

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Articles, Nifty Blog

FAST & FREE health insurance quotes with Dylan Brockman from Brockman Health.I love helping my Nifty Thrifty tribe save money—in fact, that’s a big part of what the community is for. However, another big benefit of the Nifty Thrifty group is that it helps dental professionals (like you) get connected with like-minded professionals who can do wonders for you, your business, and more.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce this week’s guest. Many of you might recognize Dylan Brockman—the founder and CEO of Brockman Health. Maybe you’ve seen his awesome posts in the Facebook group, or maybe you met him after tuning into a past episode of the Nifty Thrifty podcast.


Well, I wanted to bring Dylan on the podcast again because we just recently spoke about a national webinar he attended. And, in that meeting, Dylan learned a lot of new things about changes in the health insurance industry that we dentists really need to know. But, first things first, let’s back up for a second. I want to introduce Dylan to those of you who aren’t familiar with who he is or what he does yet.

Dylan is the founder and CEO of Brockman Health as well as an experienced agent with an honest, transparent, and educational approach. He and his team are dedicated to providing innovative health and life insurance solutions for self-employed individuals, families, small business owners, and their employees.

According to Dylan, there are only three avenues someone can go to get insurance. None of these “avenues” are any better than the other; everyone is unique and the best approach plans on your specific situation.

First, if you’re employed, you can go through your employer. That means you have a W-2 job, work for a Fortune 500 company, etc. and can utilize the benefits of your organization. This one seems simple enough, but it can still be a bit tricky to navigate.

If you’re self-employed, however, you don’t have access to such benefits. In that case, you can go through the Obamacare marketplace. These plans are guaranteed—they approve everybody—and anyone can get taken care of without exclusions. The problem with these programs, however, is that they’re often priced based on your income. So, if you’re making good money, you’ll be paying something more akin to a rent payment or mortgage payment vs. what you’d expect to pay for insurance.

The third option for those who are self-employed is through the private market. According to Dylan, this is a bit of a “wild west” option where a plan might cover you for 3-6 months before kicking you out and telling you to look elsewhere—it’s hard to get good, long-term coverage.
However, there are programs within the private market that offer better rates based on your medical history. They work pretty similar to how life insurance works, where you have to go through a process to establish that you’re a low-risk individual. If you’re someone who isn’t in need of high-risk procedures, this could be a good option for you.

With knowledge like this, it’s clear why you should work with a professional. Someone like Dylan knows far more than anything we can dig up through Google searches, it’s as simple as that. Someone with Dylan’s expertise just knows what our options are; he’s the best-suited person to push us toward the right option for our circumstances and guide us through a very nuanced process.

Dylan knows what it’s like to be a small business owner. Prior to getting a start in the insurance industry, he was an entrepreneur in the real estate industry. Dylan ran into the same problems many small business owners do, struggling to find a way to offer health insurance benefits that would fit into his budget. He took some initiative, “dived into a rabbit hole,” and realized that helping others find the same solutions was something he could be passionate about—and he hasn’t looked back since.

There’s no harm in at least reaching out; email Dylan at [email protected], give him a call at 1-954-243-5893, or visit https://www.brockmanhealth.com/free-quote to get a fast and free quote.


Learn about:

  • How does Dylan make the super complicated processes of health insurance easy to understand?
  • When it comes to incorporating health insurance into your practice, where’s the best place to start?
    • Hint: It’s not going on Google and typing in “health insurance quotes.”
  • How many plans are out there? How many can an individual qualify for?
    • Hint: it’s impossible to say without knowing your situation.
  • Why does Dylan believe that everyone needs a customized health insurance plan tailored to their specific needs?
  • Why doesn’t insurance offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions?
  • Why do most plans online make you overpay and leave you undercovered?
  • Why does Glenn think Dylan is the guy to guide us through the healthcare maze?
  • What real-life stories does Dylan have to share about Nifty Thrifty members he’s helped out?
  • How long has Dylan been working in the health insurance industry, helping other small businesses (dental practice or not)?
    • Hint: Don’t let his “baby face” deceive you! He’s got some experience under his belt, to say the least.
  • On that note, how did Dylan get into the health insurance industry? What’s his story?
  • How do Dylan’s services help you not only recruit team members but retain them?
    • Hint: Pay isn’t always everything—people might prefer the benefits that come with a health insurance plan.
  • According to Dylan, why is it a misconception that small businesses can’t offer health insurance benefits to their team?
  • What does Dylan’s clientele look like? How long would it take to know whether you’d be a good fit?
  • What did Dylan recently learn at a national webinar that dentists need to know?
  • And more!



  • Free review of current health insurance plan and situation. The consultation will determine if your current health plan is best for your situation or if there are better alternatives.




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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo