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Nowadays a lot of focus is being placed on ads, sales funnels, and SEO optimization to try and get new patients. While these are all very important aspects to marketing, it is all for naught if you are unable to convert these leads into patients in the chair. You’ve spent so much time and money to get the leads, make sure you follow through and sure those leads become actual patients.

While you may have your staff make recall appointments, what is the success rate of the recalls compared to how much time is invested? As most patients are working or otherwise preoccupied during the day, it is the luck of the draw if they 1) are able to answer or 2) want to answer a call during the day. So what do you do? You sign up for Callforce!

Callforce is like an extension of your team and gives your office added “virtual” office hours by making calls and scheduling your patients for you. From 5 – 7:30 pm when patients are mostly like off work, Callforce’s team will contact patients that are due for their recall or unscheduled treatment and work at getting them scheduled in your books. So when your office is closed, it can still get patients booked! 

The Callforce team is staffed by personnel with dental experience so it won’t be some call center overseas scheduling blindly. Callforce will remotely access your practice’s schedule and fill in those empty slots for you.

I recently had an opportunity to chat with Corey Pinegar of Callforce and he discussed their newest feature – the web chat!

Callforce can manage your web chat to convert those leads into actual patients online. Now that is a great!

Most of us are online daily and I know that I tend to make initial inquiries via a web chat if there is one. Nothing will turn off a potential patient faster than a non-responsive web chat or one that is so clearly staffed by non-dental personnel. I have had web chat interactions where the person on the other end did not know anything about the service or product their company was selling. It was the same rote response and I got no where. Needless to say, I moved on to another site. 

With Callforce’s new web chat feature, you can have it manned for you by a team that has dental background and it is just like having another staff. They will book potential patients into your schedule! It’s like having a helping hand 24/7!

Take a look at what they offer. They offer so much value to any dental practice without having to add more staff. Their services are offered a la carte so you may find that the web chat feature is more important to you than the recall service. No problem. You pick and chose what is best for you!


Find out about:

  • High percentage of calls made during the day that don’t reach a live person and how you can combat that.
  • What makes Callforce more than just an answering service.
  • Their newest feature – the web chat feature.
  • Percentage of dentists who DON’T have a website chat feature and how it can benefit you.
  • A la carte feature allows you to pick the services you need.


Now…what about that awesome Nifty Thrifty Deal?

  • Web chat service is normally $199/month but the Nifty Thrifty deal is only $149/month. No other fees, no contracts.
  • Free 30 day trial for the web chat service! This offer is valid until the end of November. There is no risk but everything to gain!
  • Callforce’s recall service is normally $30 per scheduled patient. The Nifty Thrifty deal is only $25 per scheduled patient. They only get paid when patients are scheduled.

To get this deal, sign up here and ask for the Nifty Thrifty discount!  


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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS


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