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CareCru: An All-In-One Dental Growth Platform

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Articles, Nifty Blog

CareCru: An All-In-One Dental Growth Platform

This week, I joined Terry and Mark to talk about the great things their company, CareCru, is doing to help practices do more with less effort.

Up until five years ago, Terry only had a vision. He knew he wanted to dive deep into healthcare and provide practices with better services. He had an idea in mind for bolstering efficiency and productivity in practices to make dental professionals’ lives easier. Terry finally decided to execute his vision and became one of the founding members of CareCru.

Since then, CareCru has been making life easier for practice owners across the globe. CareCru is really centered around Donna™, their virtual practice assistant. She takes the weight off of team members’ shoulders and allows them to focus on higher-level activities. She’s the ideal business partner in ensuring exceptional patient experiences.

Donna™ excels in three core areas—revealing the health of your practice, intelligently completing mundane tasks, and boosting team productivity. She can remove up to 75% of the front office workload and has motivated front office teams to increase productivity by as much as 77%. You can count on Donna™ to boost your team’s efficiency and intelligently automate workflows. She’s the key to supercharging your dental practice.

One of my favorite services offered by Donna™ is simple and secure two-way texting. She’ll manage your reminders via timely automated text messages to confirm appointments and maximize patient reactivation.

At first, I was hesitant about the SMS approach. But then I thought about the number of emails I leave unread in my inbox versus how many fewer text messages I’ll leave unread. It didn’t take me long to realize how smart CareCru was by texting patients directly—text messaging is the preferred mode of communication for the modern patient.

Another great service is CareCru’s morning huddle report. Your team will receive real-time insights into patient priorities so they can interact with each patient with maximum efficiency. You can gauge the success of your efforts via practice intelligence reports that offer benchmark comparisons and actionable insights. Even better, Donna™™ reads, writes, and tracks directly with your practice management system in real-time; she eliminates duplication of work and saves your team valuable time.

I genuinely believe CareCru has to be dentistry’s best-kept secret. Their all-in-one dental growth platform has the potential to completely revolutionize the industry. CareCru integrates with your practice management software and automates repetitive front office tasks so your team can focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional patient care.

Learn About:

  • How did CareCru immediately increase new patient growth for Dr. Ed Lowe’s practice? What has CareCru done for other practices?
  • How can CareCru save you hours of work each day?
  • What results can you expect to see through CareCru? It might blow your mind.
  • How can CareCru increase your patient loyalty and create raving customers?
  • How can CareCru help you acquire new patients faster than your competition?
  • And more!


Nifty Deal:

  • 10% off subscription fee and waving the implementation set up for a total of $1,600

Visit: https://www.carecru.com/nifty to get the deal





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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo