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Champion Your Hygienist With Aerosol Assist!

Champion Your Hygienist With Aerosol Assist!

When Covid-19 struck, every business felt its impact. From your local boutique florist to the major business conglomerates, no company went unscathed. Dental practices and other healthcare facilities were particularly impacted, as treatment had to go on—pandemic or not.

In dentistry, however, practitioners came face-to-face with a glaring issue: patients can’t wear masks during treatment. With all of the spraying going on inside of their mouths, aerosols launched throughout the air even more than at other healthcare facilities. Wearing face shields and upping the level on other forms of PPE almost felt obsolete when paired with germ-laden aerosols contaminating the air.

As always, the minds behind dentistry got innovative. The hero of this story is a biomedical engineer, Werner Blumenthal, who has found a passion immersing himself in the world of healthcare. Werner was quick to notice that aerosols were an issue in dental practices and that he could invent a technology to both isolate and suppress them. Thus came the invention of Aerosol Assist, offering isolation and quick aerosol suppression via an ultra-lightweight, hands-free, autoclavable system.

Werner wanted his solution to be high-tech, and he made sure not to cut any corners. That’s why Aerosol Assist was crafted with Computational Fluid Dynamics Optimization (CFD) to enact dedicated extraoral aerosol reduction and intraoral fluid removal—the same kind of software that is utilized for ballistics and racecars. Werner also deployed Splatter-Visualization-Testing, utilizing a non-toxic dye and re-enacting a dental procedure in order to ensure that splatter is reduced to remaining inside the mouth of a patient and thus suppressing aerosols from populating the air.

I can vouch for this product firsthand. When I was on a Smiles at Sea cruise with two of my hygienists, one of them picked up an Aerosol Assist and was quickly hooked on it. Soon enough, my other hygienist told me, “If you don’t want us ‘getting at it,’ buy more!” Meanwhile, the one who had bought the Aerosol Assist said, “Unless you don’t want me doing my best, then get me another kit!” I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what I did next.

As somebody who has implemented Aerosol Assist into my dental practice, I can confidently say that it’s simple, easy to use, and cost-effective. You can afford to buy multiple Aerosol Assists for your practice for the price of a single similar product from another vendor. That’s important because it means you can equip everyone in the practice with aerosol protection instead of selecting specific patients or prioritizing certain procedures. An Aerosol Assist can be used (on average) up to 300 times before you need another one, and one kit can equip six chairs. That’s about 33 cents per use, and even less with our Nifty Thrifty deal.

Also, if you’re concerned about how using an Aerosol Assist might feel for patients, don’t be. The buccal plate offers stabilization and comfort to prevent product from digging into gums of patient, and one size fits all—even patients with limited ability to open mouth due to TMJ issues, pharyngeal or gage reflex, large tori, etc.

It’s important to note that Aerosol Assists offers a great warranty policy, too. If anything breaks within six months, take a picture, and you’ll get a new Aerosol Assist within 4-5 days—no questions asked. Werner was deliberate in telling me that he definitely doesn’t want you to feel like you’re taking a risk in buying this product and, more than anything, he wants honest feedback so he can improve the product even more.

If you want to get in contact with Werner and explore his product, his email is [email protected]. I highly recommend you buy yourself a kit. At this price, it’s a no-brainer for me. And don’t forget about the Nifty deal!

Learn about:

  • Why is it important to isolate and suppress aerosols?
  • How effective is the Aerosol Assist in eliminating aerosols?
  • How does the Aerosol Assist work?
  • How easy is the Aerosol Assist to use (for both patients and hygienists)?
  • Will the Aerosol Assist make you a “slave to the autoclave”?
  • And more!

Nifty Deal:

  • 40% off Aerosol Assist Kit from MSRP.
    • Retail: $499.00
      • Already a steal! Good deal; you get 6 and can autoclave each at least 300 times.
      • With discount code (for a kit of 6): $299.00

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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo