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Channel D

Channel D

What do patients usually do when they walk into your office? They go to the front desk, fill out paperwork, and then sit down in the waiting area. They probably will look around, look at what’s on TV and if nothing interests them, whip out their phone and start looking at it intensely until their name is called.

The time patients are in the waiting room is valuable because the patients are a captive audience. They are sitting there waiting to see you. There is so much potential to convey information about your practice to them so why are you running HGTV shows instead of dental videos geared towards the patient?

There are many companies out there that make videos for patients. Most of them are very dry and convey information in as amusing a way as your dental anatomy professor. You’ve got a few seconds to capture your patients’ attention before their phone is turned on. Having a technical video about a dental issue will cause your patient’s eyes to glaze over faster than Krispy Kreme donuts off the conveyor belt.

I’d like to introduce you to Channel D. It is a patient video service but it is unlike any that you’ve tried previously.

Channel D was founded by Dr. Michael Sernik and his son, Jordan. Dr. Sernik has spent decades teaching dentists about patient psychology and how to create the right mood so that they are amenable to treatment recommendations. It is not just direct sales but rather how to condition the patient so that case acceptance is increased.

They start by customizing the videos so that they have the dentist’s name, the staff’s name and their pictures right in the video. How great is that? To the patient, it looks like you hired a marketing firm to create these videos just for you. Now that is a great WOW factor!

But what sets Channel D apart is that the videos are extremely engaging. They are humorous and very interesting to watch and start exposing patients to a myriad of dental conditions right away. Again, it’s done in a very non-technical, non-threatening way that captures a patient’s interest immediately. No yawns here!

Then when the patient is taken back and happens to have a condition that he/she saw out the waiting room, they have been exposed to that condition and now become an active participant in their treatment. This in turn increases treatment plan acceptance as once a patient understands a condition, they are more likely to want to treat it.

This doesn’t just work for the patient but often times they will recognize a condition in a loved one. A common one I see is grinding at night or snoring. They then become advocates for their loved ones to seek treatment. This gives your staff an easy opening to encourage scheduling appointments for the family member.

I’ve tried many patient video services and the response I get from my patients about the Channel D videos is great. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had patients say, yes, I saw that condition in the waiting room and I want to fix it before it gets worse. Or new patients who feel more relaxed because they have seen pictures of me and the staff on those Channel D videos before they come back.

Take a look at my conversation with Dr. Sernik and Jordan as they talk about how Channel D got started and how it should be part of your practice’s successful marketing strategy!

Find out about:

  • How Channel D was created
  • Importance of creating the right environment for the patient BEFORE they are seated in the operatory
  • What makes Channel D different

Channel D
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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS


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