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Clubhouse for Dentists: The Networking Platform Explained

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Articles, Trending News | 0 comments

Clubhouse for Dentists: The Networking Platform Explained

Clubhouse for Dentists

Have you heard of the newest social media app, Clubhouse? If not, don’t worry.

Below, I’ll walk you through exactly what you need to know about the Clubhouse app and how you can use it to grow your dental practice.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app that’s focused on helping people chat with each other in real time. As of early 2021, it’s iOS-only, which means if you don’t have an Apple device, you’re out of luck, at least for now.

Clubhouse works by creating live virtual networking rooms. Each room is started by someone who moderates the room and controls who can speak. Others can join the room in the audience and raise their hand to ask questions or offer their insights. If the room moderator calls on the person, they can unmute their mic and participate in the conversation.

Like other social media sites, people use Clubhouse for many reasons. Some join for business networking. Others join to demonstrate their expertise and grow an audience. Others join to engage with people about topics of interest, such as health and fitness, business, or sports. The options are limitless.

How to Get on Clubhouse

To join Clubhouse you need to be invited by a member. You can download the Clubhouse app and reserve your name at any time, however. Invitations are not very hard to get. Everyone who gets invited by someone gets one invitation. After a short while they are granted additional invitations.

Additionally, if you reserve your name, some of your close contacts who already have accounts get notified that you are waiting. Some of your contacts are given the option to invite you to use the app without utilizing their invitations. Thus, the best way to get started is to download the app and follow the instructions to reserve your screen name.

Clubhouse for Dentists: The Networking Platform Explained

How to Use Clubhouse to Benefit Your Dental Practice

Clubhouse can benefit dentists in several ways. From networking to demonstrating thought leadership in your industry or community, your options are virtually limitless.

Here are some ways you can use clubhouse to benefit your dental practice.

Demonstrate Your Thought Leadership in the Dental Industry

Many people use clubhouse to engage in conversations about healthcare and personal growth. Demonstrate your expertise by starting a room to discuss ways to improve health. Talk about all the ways dentists can help improve people’s overall health.

Engage With People in Your Community

As Clubhouse grows, more and more people from your community will use the site. Create rooms to discuss community news and events to become even more visible in your community.

Learn from Experts Who Can Help You Improve Your Practice

Join rooms led by people who help practice owners, like the conversations I lead on Clubhouse. You can also join rooms led by other business experts who can help you apply best practices from outside the dental industry.

Grow Your Audience Outside of Clubhouse

Give people reasons to engage with you outside of Clubhouse, such as by offering something of value for people to follow you on Facebook or sign up for an email newsletter. Offering a simple but relevant checklist to people who join your room can incentivize people to engage with you outside of clubhouse.

Share Audiences With Other Dental Influencers

Starting rooms with other dentists and dental influencers means each of your followers will get notified and invited to the room. That gives each of you an opportunity to grow your audiences by leading a productive and useful conversation.

Clubhouse for Dentists: The Networking Platform Explained

Do you use Clubhouse for your dental practice?

In less than one year, Clubhouse has grown into one of the hottest social media apps around. The more people experience it, the more they like it, and the more it grows. This gives you a tremendous opportunity to network, learn, and grow your practice.

Are you on Clubhouse yet? If so, how do you like it so far? How do you use it? Look me up and join me in a room so I can get to know you!

Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo


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