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Corson Dentistry quickly collects 28% of problematic aging patient A/R with Abella

by | May 24, 2023 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

man in white dress shirt wearing black framed eyeglassesHeadline: Corson Dentistry quickly collects 28% of problematic aging patient A/R with Abella



With two locations in Denver and Parker, Colorado, Corson Dentistry offers a variety of dental services that can often be costly for patients. That is why their core value is that every one of their patients should be treated like family because that is what their own team would want. Now as valued members of the Abella AR family, it can be said that Abella helps Corson settle some of those annoying family debts in a nudgingly kind and gentle manner.

CHALLENGE: Uncollectible patient AR that needed to be collected

Traditional ways of mailing paper statements and making phone calls have shown to be less effective these days since 80% of patients expect to be able to pay their balances in an easier and quicker way from their mobile devices. Collections can be a daunting task for the team resulting in lump sums of uncollectible patient A/R that often keeps growing with time. The proof of that is in the pudding with Corson having over $250k sitting in problematic uncollected patient A/R.

SOLUTION: Abella provided immediate dividends – $70K collected in just 60 days

Like all new Abella clients, the software’s impact is quick and stunning. The case with Corson was no different. Abella easily integrated with their practice management software, Dentrix, allowing Abella to automatically search for patient balances with closed insurance claims, begin invoicing immediately via text message and email, and post payments back to the payment ledger.

By doing so, Abella helped recover $70k of problematic patient A/R in the first 60 days after the system was unleashed. That’s a total of 28% of the $250K. Covering the lion’s share of outstanding A/R, 80% of that $70k was older than 90 days.

Corson Dentistry quickly collects 28% of problematic aging patient A/R with Abella

“With Abella, we collected from people with accounts 2-3 years old that ignored traditional methods,” said Callie Ward of Corson. 

“We had 300 accounts in 90+ days in A/R so the decision to go forward with Abella was a no-brainer. The same collections results would have taken a team member months, mostly driven by unanswered/ unwanted calls to the patient.”

So how does Abella AR fit into it all? It provided a modern solution for when all those traditional collection methods do not do the trick. By communicating in patients’ digital comfort zones, the evidence states this effort is incredibly effective in recovering past due A/R. By automating the collection process with Abella, it impacted the ledgers by pulling in $70K in its first sixty days.

Many Abella practices collect up to 30% of their aging patient A/R in just 30 days! How much will you collect? Find out with our new AR Calculator. 






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