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The Z Group

The Z Group

Virtual Course, January 22-23rd 2021

Office Bundle Package- Doctor and one (1) Team Member- $2,450, each additional Team Member- $850

Individual Attendees- Doctor alone- $1,600, First Team Member alone- $1,050, each additional Team Member, if Doctor not attending with Team- $950

When the Doctor attends the 2 day course with at least one (1) Team Member, the office gets complimentary access to the digital version of Part II of the 2021 "Z Book" (over 400 pages, including 275 pages of claim examples), through a link to the Cloud and a password unique to the office. 3 licenses are included. The book is not downloadable nor printable.

Virtual Course: Friday January 22nd & Saturday January 23rd
*Course fees are non-refundable. You may transfer your tuition to a different live course (within the same calendar year) with written notification no later than 2 weeks prior to the course date. No changes can be made within 14 days of the course.

There are five (5) tentative course dates currently planned for 2021 at this time, and details are being worked out and finalized. As you can imagine, things are now in flux and changing from week to week, as the goal post is constantly moving, with different state and travel restrictions, etc. We are doing our best to adapt.

Here is what we have currently planned, and will have posted on our website as details are finalized:

March 12-13 In person, Las Vegas, which will also have a live streaming option
June 11-12 In person, at our training center in Fayetteville AR
July 16-17 Virtual course live, interactive

September 17-18 In person, Chicago

October 22-23 In person, Philadelphia

*Please check the website for more details.



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