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Crazy Dental’s Newest Products and Promotions

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Crazy Dental


Our friends Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman from Crazy Dental strike again. As usual, they are always game for fun promotion and deals so insane that “crazy” is an understatement. 

This time, I invited them to fill us in on Crazy Dental’s latest and greatest new products and update us on the winner of the plane ticket raffle! The last time Jay Glazer reached out to our group it was with an exciting promotion: spend $1000 on the best-priced dental products on the market, and enter a raffle that can fly you to your favorite vacation spot. 

As we spoke, Howie Friedman upped the ante by throwing in another $1000 vacation cash reward for the lucky winner. After some drum rolls, the winner’s name was pulled from the pile and given this double-win on the spot. 

Pumped up from the excitement, Jay Glazer and Howie Friedman let us in on the new dental equipment up for grabs with Crazy Dental’s hot deals. 

The duo was excited to announce that they’ve begun selling DMG’s latest and greatest product known as LuxaCrown. It comes in five different shades and seamlessly fills the void between temporary and final restorations. Jay Glazer even noted that it’s less expensive than regular LuxaTemp! 

Along with LuxaCrown, Crazy Dental is also offering the Young Infinity Cordless Handpiece. This handpiece not only works via Bluetooth, but it’s also cordless and bundles in lots of fun features such as extreme battery power and a light-weight form. And of course, Crazy Dental has the lowest guaranteed price that we as Nifty Thrifty Dentists can access at an even lower discount. 

Next up, GC FujiCEM Evolve effectively lutes retentive zirconia, lithium disilicate, and metal-based restorations. When you use the GC FujiCEM Evolve it’s also much easier to see what you’re doing—one of the many features that separate it from many competing products. 

Finally, ITENA, the insanely inexpensive dental products provider based in France, has teamed back up with Crazy Dental to offer an incredible buy-one-get-one deal. Now that’s something to go crazy for (again)! 

If you haven’t already created a Crazy Dental account, you should. Their monthly newsletters come jam-packed with great deals and exclusive offers. Also, don’t be afraid to ask about stocking up on supplies at the end of the year for an extra-good deal. Howie Friedman and his team will happily wheel and deal with you. In fact, they love Nifty Thrifty folks because we reach out and negotiate. You can even ask them something crazy like: “How many orders do I need to place to get tickets to a Cowboys game?” 



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Crazy Dental



NIfty Deal:

  • 10% discount and free curing light for orders over 1k.
  • Coupon code “Platinum10” gets you 10% off and code “Platinumlight” gets you your free light for your 1k order,
Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo


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