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Cementation Made Easy with CemCore from Kettenbach

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Dental Discounts, Nifty Blog



Kettenbach is the no-middle-man German dental supply company well-known for its reliable and innovative products. 

While I was still skeptical about Kettenbach’s innovative products and used to do things “my own way no matter what,” I saw a friend of mine demonstrating techniques involving Kettenbach tools. After his workshop, I took him aside and asked him if Kettenbach was really all it was cracked up to be. I mean, he was just using those tools to please the many Kettenbach supporters around us, right? 

Wrong. Kettenbach is 100% all it is cracked up to be. After learning that he and many other dental professionals really valued the tools, I took the leap. Now I’ve been using their Visalys Core and Temp Core for years and am extremely happy with their products. I particularly enjoy Visalys Temp’s strength. It never chips or fractures at the margins because, unlike many traditional types of temporary cement, Visalys was made from a uniquely harder and stronger resin. 

When pitching their products to dentists, Kettenbach representatives are told to simply allow dentists to try the product. Oftentimes, the dentists get so immersed in the products’ ease that they ignore what the salesperson is saying. The Core pastes speak for themselves. 

After chatting with Kettenbach conductor Dan Parrilli, not only do I now know the secret behind the word “Viaslys,” but I also learned about a brand new product that is changing the way many people do dentistry. 

CemCore hit the market with a bang. It’s an adhesive resin cement that can be used on all substrates for any kind of restoration, whether it be implants, cementing root posts, building a core, or just about anything else. The really incredible part of it is that all of our typical procedures can be done with only three items: 

Tooth primer 

Restorative primer

And the cementing medium (CemCore itself) 

Get rid of everything else in your inventory. Your counter does not need to be full of dental products, and your assistant need not waste time setting everything up. With CemCore, your setup is quick and seamless. 

You can use CemCore on a multitude of surfaces, and it uses the same syringes and tips that you are already familiar with if you are a Kettenbach customer. 

Join the countless leading dentists that use Kettenbach in their practices and workshops. CemCore and other products will save you money by reducing unnecessary inventory and time spent setting up supplies. Kettenbach is a direct seller, which means costs are already much lower than middle-man prices. 

In the spirit of giving back, this ally of our group is offering a special Nifty Thrifty Deal for those of us that call in. Check out the details below. 





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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo