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Delivering Success with Direct Mail

by | Mar 22, 2021 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

We have Google Ads, Facebook Ads, in-house events, and countless other avenues of marketing that work to grow our patient base. With so many strategies and ballooning dental marketing expenses, sometimes the numbers get blurry. Exactly where is your marketing budget going? 

Online marketing is a must in this day and age but doesn’t underestimate the power of direct mail for your marketing. People still get mail and there are segments of the population that prefer having something in their hand to look at. Direct mail has worked in the past and continues to be an effective marketing strategy that complements your online presence. 

MVP Mailhouse provides bread-and-butter dental marketing in the form of highly-targeted and highly-trackable direct mailers. I hopped on a call with Aaron Boone late last year to discuss end-of-year strategy and picked up an arsenal of tips and particular strategies that we should be made aware of long before year comes to a close. 

Aaron Boone explained that according to the hard data he collects on their dental direct mailing results, preparing a use-it-before-you-lose it campaign generates a serious uptick in new patients who may have skipped dental services for that year altogether. By planning in advance, you can get on MVP Mailhouse’s radar and design a powerful campaign that has patients banging on your doors to take full advantage of those ending benefits. These end-of-year rushes can serve as great bonuses during any slower holiday season, generating a reliable amount of brand new patients. 

Plus these new patients are likely to remain regular patients due to the proximity of your practice. Once you launch your first campaign with MVP Mailhouse, Aaron Boone and his team analyze the geographic data applicable to any new patients you’ve attracted in the previous three years, and then they design a campaign targeting those exact neighborhoods. 

Each direct mailer works to highlight the strengths of your practice, delivering a compelling hook, appealing imagery, and potential offers directly to the mailboxes of your ideal patient base. 

Whether you’re already planning for end-of-year rushes, do a general mailer campaign,  or are looking to reach out to your fastest-growing neighbors without the Thrifty-but-not-so-Nifty strategy of working with EDDMs, MVP Mailhouse can help. 

Their ability to track new patients all the way back to the exact month a dental direct mailer was sent out allows MVP Mailhouse to maintain a meaningful scoreboard and continually improve the outreach of your practice. A marketing campaign with solid metrics to track your ROI is virtually useless. MVP Mailhouse has the best tracking system so you know what works and what doesn’t.



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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo