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Delivering WOW Marketing

Delivering WOW Marketing

Social media marketing is not just for big businesses any more. Facebook ads, Google Ad Words, Instagram followers, and sales funnels have become critical pieces in marketing for businesses of all sizes and that includes dental practices.

A recent survey showed that about 45% of small business owners handle their own marketing. If we use a dental practice as an example, most likely that job would fall into the hands of our front desk staff.

Think about that. You are asking someone who probably does not have any training in marketing, much less social media marketing, to create a plan to bring in new patients, increase engagement with current patients in a medium he/she probably doesn’t have much experience in. How successful do you think that will be?

I recently had an opportunity to talk to Dr. Anissa Holmes regarding an innovative program that she created to help dental offices market their practices on social media without having to do all the legwork!

Dr. Holmes is a pioneer of using social media to market dental practices. She has proven over and over again that she understands what works in social media advertising. And the thousands of clients she has amassed over the years is a testament to the success of her marketing strategy.

Now she has made it even easier!

With the Delivering WOW Marketing Campaign, she and her team of experts have created a marketing system that does everything for you! You’ll be able to access fully built out marketing campaigns, Facebook and Instagram images, flyers, newsletters and more for every campaign!

No longer do you or your staff have to create these marketing campaigns from scratch. It is all done for you. You pick out what elements you need and you’re done. With new images every month, you will always have fresh content for any of your social media marketing needs!

Dr. Holmes has proven, once again, that she is a true innovator. She understands the needs of dental practices and the limitations of time and money that practice owners encounter and has created a complete marketing campaign for any office at a budget friendly price!


Find out about:

  • Problems that your staff encounters when trying to create marketing campaigns on their own
  • Why Dr. Holmes created the Delivering WOW Marketing system
  • Understanding marketing campaigns and sales funnels
  • Why the Delivering WOW Marketing is the only social media marketing that your practice will need

Delivering WOW Marketing

Now what about that Nifty Thrifty deal?

  •  The Delivering WOW Marketing campaign is just $297/month. Save $100 your first month by entering “NIFTYTHRIFTY” at checkout.
  •  Save almost $1500 when you pay annually

To learn more and to sign up for this great offer, click here.



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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS