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Dental Business Mentor

Dental Business Mentor

With leadership responsibilities, paperwork, and patient relationships to manage as we struggle to put in our daily chair time, maintaining a healthy dental practice can be daunting. You may be working hard at your office to increase overall profit, but we often forget that when you’re working in your practice, you’re not working on your practice.

In today’s competitive market, proper business development can be the difference between a practice’s success or failure. When Dr. Paul Etchison launched his practice, he wanted things to be different. Dubbed as the Dental Practice Hero, Dr. Etchison has developed techniques that have grown his dental practice exponentially while allowing him to work just six days per month with patients.

In his podcast and books, Dr. Etchison describes how he systematically designed a culture of high productivity that made his team the driving force behind his practice’s success. Within the past eight years he has spent building up his team into 26 members, while maintaining a 0% turnover rate. This has created a positive sense of familiarity and consistency with his patients that saved his practice thousands of dollars in onboarding costs. His practice’s policies and standardized systems work together to increase new patient acquisition, scheduling productivity, reappointment rates, case conversion, operational systemization, better cash flow management, and the leadership that is necessary to run a less stressful, more successful business.

So how do you engage your employees and let your practice run itself?  Dr. Etchison encourages doctors to take a step back from their dental work and look at the business objectively. Where is their practice failing? How can the culture and systems in place be improved to decrease chair time and increase revenue?

Dr. Etchison has partnered with Dr. Justin Bhullar to create a platform that can provide solutions to the business challenges practitioners face. Their Dental Business Mentor program is a collection of short videos and documents that detail the exact techniques used by practitioners to increase profit and flexibility. Their program dives into the nitty-gritty policies, skills, and systems that can transform your practice’s challenges into opportunities.

The program is like having a mentor by your side every day!

Memberships offer access to a library of 175 bite-sized training videos and bonus tools that demonstrate exactly how Dr. Paul Etchison and Dr. Justin Bhullar have empowered their teams, grew their patient base, and reduced their working hours while increasing their profit.

Listen in on my chat with Dr. Paul Etchison’s stories of success, and if you’re ready to start tackling the business side of your practice, you might want to check out the Nifty Thrifty deal that is in store!


Find out about:

  • Common growth mistakes during business expansion

  • Tricks to improve your patient retention rate

  • Office culture development

  • Launching a successful three-day work week

Dental Business Mentor

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  • Receive bonus gifts worth over $2000 with the VIP membership
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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS