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Dental Direct Mail Evolved: How technology has changed the game!

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Dental Direct Mail Evolved: How technology has changed the game!

Think about the last time you brought in the mail. As you sifted through that pile of paper and sorted out the “junk” from the “legit stuff,” I’m sure you saw some pretty big companies pop up—Amazon, National Geographic, Disney, what else?

Chances are, your weekly stacks of soon-to-be recycled letters often contain promotions from the biggest players in the world. And if you’re like most practice owners, chances are you think direct mail is antiquated. Hopefully, you’re a bit different than most practice owners though, and you can keep an open mind. “That’s old-school nonsense,” the bad apples will say. “No one cares about paper slips anymore, they’re not even using yellow pages these days. It’s the digital age, loser, get with it!”

Sigh. That last one always hurts (you know how hip I am on those Facebooks!), but I find solace in the fact that I’m the one getting the last laugh while they banter, boo, and twiddle their thumbs. First off, the guest of this week’s Nifty Thrifty episode—and an old friend of mine—was once an NFL player: it doesn’t get much cooler than that. Also, I’ve been reaping dividends I’m proud of when it comes to marketing, and one of my greatest assets is something those non-existent bullies would also deem old-school or even obsolete: direct mail.

Practice owners far and wide are making a costly mistake when they overlook the capabilities of direct mail. The only thing old-school about direct mail is poor tactics—like sending your mail out blindly or spamming your patients. But there are folks like Aaron R. Boone who have it down to a cost-effective modern science, leveraging geographical insight—or “heat maps”—to help folks like myself to play to their strengths. MVP Mailhouse identifies hotbeds and pinpoints communities that can be drawn into your practice by direct mail, making it easier than ever for you to pursue leads.

Dental Direct Mail Evolved: How technology has changed the game!

Aaron is somebody I’ve known for some time now, even before he started killing the game as the CEO of MVP Mailhouse and helping folks like you and I make more money. He reached out to me to come on for this week’s episode, as right now is the prime opportunity for a practice to utilize direct mail. Aaron wanted to tell you that a big season for direct mail is upon us.  It’s a prime opportunity to take advantage of it as a marketing strategy, especially if you haven’t utilized the new technology that deems it a far cry from the “old-school” approach many dentists believe it to be.


Some of you may not know that football is something I’m passionate about, but I wrote a Christian Romance novel centered around the subject. I also wrote a business book, however, and I know the opportunity for a marketing “blitz” when I see one. Trust me when I say that there’s no better man to guide you than Aaron. He and his team are super streamlined—they only work with dentists and only do direct mail—and, as I can vouch firsthand, they have results to show for it. It makes sense when Aaron is at the helm: after years of reviewing highlight reels, he’s learned the art of studying (and learning from) past errors. That’s why he improves MVP Mailhouse by measuring prior campaigns and improving them based on how well they’ve performed.

After all, social media and other more “modern” campaigns might make direct mail seem obsolete. But, the reality is, forgetting direct mail means you’ll neglect an entire audience of prospects. You can’t expand your pool of patients if they exist in the same circle. If you keep sending ads to the same folks on the same channels, you’ll end up losing out with all your eggs in one basket.

There are several variables in any marketing campaign, direct mail or not, and the floodgates never open on their own—it’s up to you to lead prospects to your business. Without Aaron, a direct mail campaign might conduct nothing but a reckless blitz with mailers being sent to businesses, not leads.

So, what’re you waiting for? Tune in if you want to watch Aaron’s screen share presentation. He provides us with some awesome business insight as he gives us a thorough tour of their “Better Technology;” showcasing software; he discusses its current (and upcoming) capabilities, what to look for in a marketing campaign, and more.

Learn About:

  • Why is it an optimal time to start utilizing direct mail?
  • Why is right now a particularly good opportunity for those who like to be paid in cash?
  • What does the beginning of the year mean for direct mail campaigns?
  • Why (and how) should you get a good sense of what your “current patient base” looks like, according to Aaron?
  • Why does Glenn compare Aaron’s marketing tactics to the movie Inception?
  • What does Aaron have to say about what’s happening to the paper industry right now, and why does he foresee tons of small stores closing in that sector?
  • Why does Aaron think practice owners abide by a “cookie-cutter” marketing approach that proves ineffective?
  • Why does Aaron think it’s important to play upon the uniqueness of your practice?
  • What’s the problem with getting “cute” in marketing?
  • What’s the importance of “dialing in” to the neighborhoods of your current patients?
  • How much time can Aaron save you? How much money would that time potentially amount to?
  • How can you identify “fringe” vs. “growth” areas?
  • What’s the best month for a direct-mail response?
  • How timely can MVP Mailhouse be, depending on your needs?
  • Why the heck does Aaron not believe in sending mailers to your patients? Why does this blow Glenn’s mind?
  • How does decision-making in the marketing process compare to a game of football? Why does it put you in a dangerous position where you’re playing with your money, in Aaron’s opinion? More importantly, what does he think you ought to do about it?
  • And more!

Nifty Deal:

  • Free Patient Heat Map around your practice + 1,000 FREE postcards including postage (with intro package of 3 mailings of 10k)
Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo