Equipment/Supplies Discounts


Dentalree supplies top quality diamond and carbide burs, abrasives, polishers, and cutters to the dental industry.

Dentalree is offering 15% OFF of their entire site.

Products include diamond, carbide, and polishing burs.

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Medidenta provides endo and handpiece tools for the dental industry.


Air Free 45 Surgicals
Regular price: $2,399.96
Nifty Price: $1,199.98

Meditorque Elite 3 Piece Kits (25K)
Regular price: $2,799.96
Nifty Price: $1,399.98

Meditorque Elite Straight (25k)
Regular price: $1,999.96
Nifty Price: $999.98

Turbo Torque 1000 Series
Regular price: $1,999.96
Nifty Price: $999.98

Turbo Torque 2000 Series
Regular price: $3,199.96
Nifty Price: $1,599.98

Air Free 90 Surgicals
Regular price: $2,199.96
Nifty Price: $1,099.98

Foresight SGL
Regular price: $2,399.96
Nifty Price: $1,199.98

Prophy Pros
Regular price: $1,999.96
Nifty Price: $999.98

All deals are buy 2 get 2 FREE!!!

How to get this deal?

Dental Store 123

Dental Store 123 provides scanners, handheld x-rays, and intraoral scanner equipment.


MaxRay Cocoon is the newest portable X-ray unit on the market.

Check it out here:…/maxray-cocoon-portable-handhe…/

Use promo codes:
Coupon for $100 off is: DRVOSAVE100

Coupon for Free Intraoral Camera and Free Shipping: DRVO (Must add the $250 camera to their cart)


Kettenbach has everything you need for impression and buildup materials and supplies.



Nifty Thrifty Deal
Buy 4 Futar D and get them at a Nifty Thrifty price of $30 each!! The normal price is $54.50 each.

Mention Nifty Thrifty Dentists to get the special discount

And check out their website –

Ultra Light Optics

Ultralight Optics give you the most powerful and lightweight loupe light on the market. They are designed by dentists to be effective and comfortable to wear.


Ultra Light Optics gives you 3 AMAZING deals!

Feather Light LED Upgraded system $550 (regularly $800)

Loupes $795 for a 2.5x +$50 for each .5X (regularly $1300 +$100 for each .5X)

Light and loupes package $1150 (regularly $1345)

Lightweight sport loupes at 37 grams feature a full wrap-around design and adjustable earpieces

The Ultra light includes a touch sensor, easy flip composite filter, and a durable design with a lifetime warranty!)

Call 323-316-4514 and tell them you’re in the Nifty Thrifty group for this special pricing and


3D Bio CAD carries intraoral cameras and in house milling equipment. They also offer design and milling services.


3D BioCAD is offering a deal so sweet we are keeping it under wraps!

Trios 3 Pod

Take 3D scans for impressions
Work as an integrated intraoral camera
Shade measurement while you scan
Comes in both Color and Black and White

To get this deal you must email John Kim:

Dry Shield

Dry Shield


DryShield combines the tasks of high-suction evacuator, saliva ejector, bite block, tongue shield, and oral pathway protector in one easy-to-use device.  Designed by a dentist for dentists, the patented mouthpiece comes in four sizes and is completely autoclavable.

Dry Shield is offerings several discounts.

Mouthpieces- buy 4 boxes get 1 free
($400 cost, $500 value)

Dry Shield starter kit ($900 retail; 15% special promo $765).

DS Lite ($350): DS1 Isolation System- without accessories.

To get this deal, call Matthew Muramoto at Dry Shield to place the order at 888-379-0300.
Let him know that you are from Nifty Thrifty Dentists




Medidenta provides endo and handpiece tools for the dental industry.

Medidenta is offering buy 2 get 2 free on their Prophy Pro!

Prophy Pro is extremely quiet, minimizing patient anxiety. It is compatible with nearly all disposable prophy angles. Lube free motor for no maintenance, as well as a 360 Degree swivel and friction grip chuck

Regular Price is $1999.96
Nifty Price – $999.98 (4 total handpieces)

To get this deal you must follow the link:



Parkell is offering a discount to our Nifty thrifty members.

You can find supplies and equipment including cavitrons and inserts, electrosurge units, adhesives and cements, restorative materials and tools, impression materials, endodontic supplies, and the list goes on and on!

To get this deal Call 1-800-243-7446.
Tell them you’re with Nifty Thrifty Dentists!

RGP Dental

RGP Dental

RGP carries a variety of ergonomic seating options for the dental office.


Mention Nifty Thrifty Dentists and get 20% off any chair in their product line

Check out their chairs at the website below

To get the discount, call 1(800) 522-9695 and dial extension 1 for sales. Mention Nifty Thrifty Dentists.



Medidenta provides endo and handpiece tools for the dental industry.

Dental Handpieces and other Dental items.

What they have:
–Highspeed handpieces
–Lowspeed handpieces
–Hygiene handpieces
–Implant handpieces
–Carbide Burs
And a whole lot more..

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LinguaGuard HVE Retractor

LinguaGuard HVE Retractor

LinguaGuard is an innovative disposable add on that allows you to retract and protect the tongue during suction by attaching it to the vented end of your HVE straw.
Use promo code: DrVo for 15% off

ReLeaf Dental Suction

ReLeaf Dental Suction

ReLeaf provides hands-free suction and attaches to your HVE to provide 280 degrees of continuous suction.
Use promo code: DrVo for 15% off

Molar Media Mount

Molar Media Mount

Gone are the days of professionally mounted TVs on expensive arms.  Here now is the Molar Media Mount, the first and only arm that mounts directly to your existing dental light.  It distracts your patients by placing a tablet computer directly in their line of sight, regardless of the procedure being performed.  It is simple… Install the mount, connect a tablet, and amaze your patients!
Use promo code: DRVO for 15% off



Dental Store 123/ Masterlink provides scanners, handheld x-rays, and intraoral scanner equipment.
Free intraoral camera and Free shipping with purchase of any of these items:
1) Apex Dental Sensors
2) MaxRay Portable X-ray unit
3) Apixia Phosphor Plate System
Use promo code: DRVO