Equipment/Supplies Discounts

Maverick Dental Rotary provides high-quality rotary products for your needs.

Medidenta provides dental supplies of the best quality at excellent price points. 

Masterlink provides intraoral cameras and digital X-Ray Sensors with high-quality resolution.

LED Apteryx combines digital sensors and digital software support. Their inventory works with a variety of practice management software.

Prophy Magic provides a variety of hygiene supplies at significant discounts.

ImplantXP has deals on dental implants and implant supplies.

They are also bringing you  awesome savings on their implant packages.

BiLumix Headlight 

One of the best headlights in Dentistry.  Long battery life, no wires, lightweight, and very durable.




MouthWatch makes chairside intraoral imaging affordable enough to include a camera in every operatory, making case presentation and treatment proposals that much easier…and more effective!

Smile Perfected is a whitening system that whitens in just 20 minutes without the hassle of pain or time.

 Masterlink has deals on sensors, handheld x-ray units, and intraoral scanner equipment.

Molar media mount is hands-free entertainment for your patients that doesn’t get in your way or break the bank.

ReLeaf provides hands-free suction and attaches to your HVE to provide 280 degrees of continuous suction.

LinguaGuard is an innovative disposable add on that allows you to retract and protect the tongue during suction by attaching it to the vented end of your HVE straw.

Medidenta provides endo and handpiece tools for the dental industry.

RGP carries a variety of ergonomic seating options for the dental office.

You can find supplies and equipment including cavitrons and inserts, electrosurge units, adhesives and cements, restorative materials and tools, impression materials, endodontic supplies, and the list goes on and on!

Medidenta provides endo and handpiece tools for the dental industry.

DryShield combines the tasks of high-suction evacuator, saliva ejector, bite block, tongue shield, and oral pathway protector in one easy-to-use device.

3D Bio CAD carries intraoral cameras and in house milling equipment. They also offer design and milling services.

Ultralight Optics give you the most powerful and lightweight loupe light on the market. They are designed by dentists to be effective and comfortable to wear.

Kettenbach has everything you need for impression and buildup materials and supplies.

Medidenta provides endo and handpiece tools for the dental industry.

Dentalree supplies top quality diamond and carbide burs, abrasives, polishers, and cutters to the dental industry.