Lab Discounts

Ace Aligners

Ace Aligners makes short-term ortho affordable to you AND your patients!

How does it work?
They accept any STL file or impression
The software and on staff orthodontist help to ensure you get the best results
A link to the treament plan can be shared with your patient to increase case acceptance!
No experience with ortho? The simple instructions and templates are included for you!

What’s the deal?

Buy 2 short 5 month term cases($475 each), get one free

Buy 3 short term cases($475 each), and they can be up to 8 months instead of 5 months

To get this deal:
Call (714) 369-0937

Allcera Dental Lab

Allcera Dental Lab provides top quality dental lab work at competitive prices. To get the Nifty thrifty deal use the following link : or call 844-792-6291 and tell them you are a Nifty Thrifty member. The deal is for the following:

  • $54 for full zirconia crown (traditional impression)
  • $44 for full zirconia crown (Scanned)
  • $69 for Emax crown (traditional impression)
  • $49 for Emax crown (Scanned)
  • $63 for layered zirconia (traditional impression)
  • $53 for layered zirconia (Scanned)