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Modento is a complete patient interactive software. With integration into several dental software platforms, they will streamline your front office and keep your patients happy.

Design ergonomics Inc. designs dental practices with ergonomics and efficiency in mind. Keeping in mind the patient experience as well as productivity, Design Ergonomics will create a blend of function and aesthetic in your practice.

Dr. Emily Letran has found the recipe for having it all in your dental career. Her coaching course and individual sessions will have you working towards your best self.

PK Performance Solutions offers an interactive training for insurance claims submission. By teaching dental basics, required narrative verbiage, and many other specific aspects of claims, they improve your submission and payout rates and lower your frustration.

Callforce is an after-hour patient contact service. They work to rebook hygiene appointments and operate manned chat on your website.

Compassionate Finance works with patients to make dentistry affordable for someone that may have a lower credit score but consistently pays their bills.

Nextiva is a VOIP service with tons of additional features to enhance customer experience.

United Medical Credit is a multi-bank lending service. The process is web-based and they take care of everything once the application has been submitted.

Weave combines phone, texts and practice metrics to provide a simple communication system for your office.

Dental Stores provides a cloud-based store for you to sell products you recommend for your patients without needing to keep an inventory or calculate sales tax. They also include a membership program option to include with your store. 

Dental Intel provides practice metrics and boosts your productivity through a number of features that work in the background of your practice management software.

Interested in a “Hands-on” Dental Implant Course?
Interested in World Class Training?


Darkhorse Tech is a Managed Service Provider that remotely manages a customer’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model.

Merchant service company that includes:The best merchant rates,Hosted Website Payment,Secure Mobile Payment App and more…

Mango Voice is a VoIP phone service for businesses.

Integration: Sync with Practice Software Online: Forms anywhere on any device

Signatures: Sign Treatment Plans & Consents Photos: Take photos of Patient ID & Insurance Cards

Patient scheduling program that helps you effortlessly grow your practice.

VideoText allows you to quickly deliver short, patient-centric videos directly to their mobile smart phone.

So what does CallForce do? Book your overdue hygiene patients, Call after business hours, Take detailed messages when patients do not book, They only get paid when a patient actually books

Want to train your team to their maximum potential?

The Dental A/R Ninja will help you customize your A/R cycle to recover revenue and streamline your A/R process.

Dental Warranty Corp gives you peace of mind by providing a warranty to your patients on almost any work or lab element that may fail for 5 years.

Dental Management Support services include insurance payment processing, insurance claim submission, outstanding/aging claim follow-up, and benefits verification. ( Verification must be arranged ahead of time)

PPO Profits provides Dental Billing Services: