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DENTAL DOMINATION by Firegang CEO, Adam Zilko.

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments


DENTAL DOMINATION by Firegang CEO, Adam Zilko.

People often come up to me and say, “Glenn, are you half-machine? How are you starting all these businesses, launching these Facebook groups, writing best-selling books, living day to day as a family man, finding time to write blogs like this, and more?” Well, those folks ought to meet Adam Ziko, the founder & owner of Firegang Marketing. He’s something of a marketing whiz, having written 3 Amazon best-selling dental marketing books, scaled his company to millions in annual revenue, and helped thousands of dentists all across North America attract new patients and grow their practice through cutting-edge marketing strategies.

Any practice owner who has worked alongside Adam will be quick to tell you how he can help dental practices outshine their competition. Adam and his team over at Firegang Marketing have been working exclusively with dental practices for over ten years now, and they’ve built a track record for providing stellar results for startups, DSO’s, long-established private practices, and everything in between.

I know what you’re thinking: “C’mon, Glenn! There are tons of digital marketing agencies out there—small & large, expensive & affordable, innovative & run-of-the-mill, the list goes on! I’m not looking to hear another spiel about getting patients to come through my doors!”

It makes sense. How often do you get an email or call from a marketing agency telling you all about how they have the key to landing leads? They’ll promise an ROI and breathtaking dividends through digital marketing, direct mail, or some other fancy method that promises the latest and greatest strategies.

Oftentimes, those marketing “experts” fail to follow through and provide the ROI you’re hoping for. You end up spending a fortune to break even or, worse, lose money. What’s crazy is that I’ve realized those marketing agencies aren’t exactly “breaking” any promises—they definitely do well in landing leads. The problem is that they always fail to convert leads. They get a bite, but they fail to keep the fish on the hook.

That’s why I’m a big fan of Adam Ziko and his people over at Firegang. They know that the fruits of a worthy digital marketing effort don’t come in the form of landing leads—good digital marketers know the art of converting leads.


DENTAL DOMINATION by Firegang CEO, Adam Zilko.

That’s why Firegang Marketing defines itself as a “revenue generator” and not a “lead generator.” Their mission is to increase your practice’s revenue through top-of-the-line marketing tactics. Firegang Marketing doesn’t just bolster your marketing campaigns, either. They offer a partnership founded in growing your business. They can really get involved behind the scenes of your practice and make managing it so much easier.

Instead of focusing on a niche piece of marketing—landing page, Google Ads, Facebook ads, etc.—Firegang Marketing takes a more comprehensive, in-depth approach. Their fully integrated and automated digital marketing approaches mean their services can help you with almost anything—from building your website to creating engaging ads to tracking metrics via “KPI Scorecards” and coaching your staff, they’ll plug any holes in your bucket.

Every dental practice ought to have a marketing plan in place—especially when dentists seem to be opening a shop on every corner (not to mention all of the big-budget DSOs that are in the picture more than ever before). And with over 18 years of digital marketing experience under his belt, Adam knows what it takes to rise above the herd.

I firmly believe there’s no better guy to take the helm when it comes to the game of digital marketing—no matter what sort of practice you run. Adam has seen it all, and he’ll know how to tailor marketing strategies to fit the needs of your practice and the vision you have for its trajectory.

So, what’re you waiting for? Email Adam today at [email protected], call him at 907-727-6370, and/or send him a friend request on Facebook.

Also, it’s important to note that Adam recently came out with a book in September. I’d definitely recommend you pick it up; it’s called The Proven Cutting-Edge Strategy to Finally Achieve Your Remarkable and Rewarding Practice, and it might just blow your mind (and it has something to do with the Nifty Thrifty deal!).


Learn about:

  • DSOs can get a bad wrap, but what are they doing right?
  • What can Adam do to help you and/or your practice’s situation?
  • What are the layers of marketing, according to Adam? And how can you pull levers to take your marketing game to the next level?
  • What are the drivers of success?
  • What sort of products is Adam extra versed in marketing?
  • What can Adam and the Firegang team do to boost your KPIs?
  • Why does Dr. Glenn Vo appreciate Adam’s specific (“legit”) marketing methods?
  • What’s the problem with reverse-engineering a dental marketing strategy?
  • What are the most successful digital marketing strategies Adam has observed?
  • In Adam’s eyes, what makes a good marketing partner?
  • What’s the problem with being too cocky (when it comes to marketing)?
  • How does Adam differ from those unrelatable Fortune 500 companies?
    • Hint: he knows all about start-ups!
  • What’s the importance of emphasizing customer service?
  • So many solutions, important lessons about a good marketing mindset, and more!

Nifty Deal:

  • Free copy of Practice Growth For The Future-Focused Dentist dental marketing playbook and an accompanying Complimentary Strategy Call for the first 20 dentists. This will allow dentists to finally eliminate all the guess-work out of growing their practice the right way, doing so quickly, and with tremendous ROI.





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