Dental Treatment Carts….The Thrifty Way

Dental Treatment Carts….The Thrifty Way

One of the more popular products in the Dentistry are the mobile treatment carts.  The use of mobile carts allows for the quick set up of supplies and equipment used in endodontics, oral surgery and implant placement.

I have seen some practices that employ these carts in every operatory.  In my practice, I have a specific cart for endodontics and one for implant placement.  These carts are usually stored away in the closet until they are needed.  Each cart has everything I would possibly need for the procedure so we’re able to start treatment immediately.

With so many mobile cart options out there, how do you choose one?  Well before I show you the “Thrifty” way of creating a Mobile Dental Cart, let me show you want the dental companies charge you.


Design Ergonomics Rapid Cart$599 (Base model)/ $999 (High end model)



Salvin Implant / Surgical CartWhite Laminate –  $995.00


Aeseptico Powered Trolley Cart –  $870.00


American Dental – Stainless Steel Utility Cart with Drawer$565.95


Net 32 Alabama Cart$399.00


The Thrifty Mobile Cart

When looking for our mobile dental cart, we had certain criteria we had to meet.

  • Is it durable?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Is there adequate storage space?
  • Is it versatile?
  • Is it affordable?


The MICKE cart from IKEA was one of the Niftiest Thriftiest options on the market

  • Is it durable? YES
  • Is it easy to clean? YES
  • Is there adequate storage space? YES
  • Is it versatile? YES
  • Is it affordable? YES

At a price point of around $60, you can’t go wrong with this cart.  You can easily set up multiple treatment carts and easily store these in your office.  Another added benefit is that the MICKE cart is very easy to assemble.


Now if you’re wanting a “tank” for a cart, then may we suggest…..


The UltraHD Rolling Drawer Cabinets made by Seville.


This cart is built like a tank and is designed to withstand all the punishment a garage can dish out.  Designed for heavy-duty use, the drawers and panels are constructed from high-quality steel. The 3/4″ solid hardwood top is intended for use as a work surface for everyone from home mechanics to professional tradesmen.  This particular unit includes six drawers with cushioned liners and a locking system (with key) to keep your equipment and supplies safe. The included rolling casters allow this cart to easily go where you do.

Seville makes different style rolling carts and it really just depends on your preference.  I like this particular one because there’s a large cabinet to hold my implant motor and smaller drawers for my implant parts.

Cost – $240

For your convenience, I placed some Amazon links above if you decide to order this cart.


For the Extremely Thrifty

If you’re looking for a simpler cart that is durable, easy to clean, and smaller then the Raskog by IKEA is a good option.

The downside to this cart is that storage is limited and everything is exposed.  With that being said, if you are willing to use closed containers then that could hide and protect your supplies.  At a price of $24.99, you can live with some of the shortcomings.

Ikea link for Raskog –

Cart Organization

So how do you organize these carts?  Well, if money is not a problem for you then you can opt for the Zirc organizers.  If you’re trying to do this on the cheap then look at the options below.


Paylak CNT182 Photo Box Storage Case

The photo storage case is excellent to store implants or other supplies that are sealed in packages.  Each little case can house several sealed packages and the cases close tightly to protect your goods.  All the cases sit in a large portable container which would work great with the Roskog cart.  If you decide to go with the sturdier UltraHD car then your best bet is to just use the small cases.

Cost – $27.95

For your convenience, I placed some Amazon links above if you decide to order this item.

Madesmart Interlocking Drawer Organizer Bins 8 Bin, 1 Set

These organizer bins are a great alternative to the dental bins sold by Zirc.  This particular set has all the shapes and sizes you would need to store your supplies.  Some of the things we store in these bins are: anesthetic, disposables, and treatment specific supplies.

Cost- $10.00

For your convenience, I placed some Amazon links above if you decide to order this item.

Be creative

When trying to customize your Dental Treatment Cart, be creative!  Envision what you would like your cart to have and see if you can make it happen without purchasing through a Dental Distributor.  Many times, you can find a comparable solution at a hardware store or even online.  As always, you can always e-mail us with any questions or comments.

Till next time,

Dr. Glenn Vo



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