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Dr. Nate Jeal / Dental Marketing Authority


There has been a push recently for “niche” marketing. It is a concept that makes sense and once you understand and really buy into it, it can bring dramatic results to your marketing efforts. The idea is for you to market to a certain area or field that you want to focus on. The days of being a general dentist has become harder. More and more dentists are branching out and focusing on a specific area of dentistry that they want to be the “authority” on.

You cannot be the perfect practice for every patient. Trying to chase every patient will create an situation where you might not be happy with what you are doing. Do you want to be a high volume practice where you are running multiple rooms and see dozens of patients a day or do you want to be a boutique practice? Neither one is better than the other but each requires a specific mindset to make it work. Once you understand what type of practice you want to have, only then can you start marketing it the way you want.

In my conversation with Dr. Nate Jeal of Dental Authority Marketing, he discusses this exact concept. If you want to be a boutique type practice, then it really doesn’t make sense to market your practice with $59 check up and x-rays. Your marketing style should reflect whether you are a start up or an established practice and then based on that, you should further refine it to get the patients you want to treat.

The same goes with dental consulting. There is no one package that fits what your practice really needs and that is where Dr. Jeal and his team comes in. They create the right marketing program for you to help you reach that practice type that you want.

Dr. Jeal has extensive experience with growing dental practices. Both he and his wife have multiple practices and have marketed established practices and start-ups. Each has its own set of goals and that must be taken into account when developing an effective marketing plan. If you are a new start up, you’re not going to be market your practice as a exclusive to one area of dentistry or another. Your goal is to get patients in the door. It would be the opposite for an established practice. It is important that your marketing program is tailored to the ultimate goal of how you want your practice to be.

Dental Authority Marketing will be hosting a great event on October 4th . You’ll learn all of the tips and tricks to their success. He and Dr. Tim Rauch will be conducting “The New Rules of Dental Marketing” event where you can learn how to grow your practice based on authority-based marketing.

The event has been specifically designed to only have 30 participants. It is an intimate event where you can not only learn but exchange ideas in a small setting with your colleagues and with the lecturers. You won’t have to worry about being lost in a sea of faces at this event. You’ll learn all about authority-based marketing and get immediate tips that you can start implementing right away.

And stay tuned until the end where Dr. Jeal gives us a great Nifty Thrifty deal!

Find out about:

  • How Dr. Jeal and was able to grow multiple dental offices with his authority based marketing.
  • Creating and conveying a consistent message in your marketing.
  • The importance of marketing in a holistic sense.
  • How to use authority-based marketing and stand out as a sought after expert.
  • How this event was designed for maximum learning and one on one interaction.


Now…what about that awesome Nifty Thrifty Deal?

  • The one day marketing event is on October 4th at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas.
  • The Early Bird special pricing is $997.
  • It gets even better with the Nifty Thrifty special – taken an ADDITIONAL 35% off the registration fee! It will only be $650 to attend this jam packed event.
  • Dr. Jeal is offering his titanium clad guarantee – if after attending the course you don’t feel you learned anything that would benefit your practice, then he will not only refund your registration fee but also your flight and hotel! Now how is that for a no-risk guarantee?

Click here to get this great deal!


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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS


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