4G Dental Labs

4G Dental Lab is a full service lab with very competitive prices. Here is just a sample of the preferred pricing the lab has extended our group:

  1. $59 for full zirconia crown (traditional impression)
  2. $54 for full zirconia crown (Scanned)
  3. $85 for Emax crown (traditional impression)
  4. $80 for Emax crown (Scanned)
  5. $79 for layered zirconia (traditional impression)
  6. $74 for layered zirconia (Scanned)

To get a starter kit AND get the full pricing sheet, please call (833) 682-8901 or Email Jeff Guidie: jeff@4gdentallab.com AND make sure you tell them that you want the Nifty Thrifty Pricing