If you are tired of hearing the same reruns in your lobby or having to police Netflix for an appropriate playlist, you need to get on board with Channel D!
Their patient education videos are anything but boring and can help put patients at ease from the moment they walk in.

Channel D offers:

Over 120 videos on a variety of topics

New videos added every two weeks

Customize your video segments to feature your practice and staff

An opportunity to educate and open communication

The Nifty Deal:

Channel D Media Stick ($140) and fully customized videos for free

2 months of free service.

Additionally, the regular price is $190 per month, but they are offering 20% off the first 6 months. That makes the cost about $150/month.

How to get the deal:


Use code nifty19

For more information about Channel D, check out our blog post: https://niftythriftydentists.com/channel-d/