Dr. Emily Letran course

Nifty Deal: Dr. Letran’s course is comprised of 12 segments you can go at your own pace

The first part of the course is High-Performance Leadership, focusing on the core pillars of High Performance

Clarity: knowing what you want, setting goals, how to achieve goals

Energy: maintain high energy and recharge energy to avoid burnout

Productivity: how to maximize potential by leveraging team, colleagues, experts

Courage: how to step up and overcome challenges, from difficult conversations with staff, patients to making grand decisions like expanding business, acquisition or exit by design

Influence: how to create influence and persuasion so patients and staff and spouse and even kids will listen to you, how to create a significant impact in the community

The second part of the course is on business growth strategies

These include internal referral, patient appreciation events, community service event, authority positioning, magnetic marketing and metrics

The course provides significant insights and offers proven nuggets that work in my practices for the past 26+ years and also in building my High-Performance coaching and Business Growth consulting practice

Guarantee: after going through the course you will be able to increase your income by at least 3x the course investment

NIFTY Bonuses

One hour 1:1 consulting with me ( value $1000)

Ticket to LIVE ACTION To WIN event ( value $497)

3 months FREE online coaching ( value $120)

Private Facebook group where I will answer questions (priceless)