DryShield is dedicated to equipping dentists with new-to-the-market innovations that enable them to focus on what they are best at.

The experience of practicing dentistry can be seemingly contradictory at times – both critical and routine, complex and tedious, rewarding and thankless. DryShield solution is a patented autoclavable isolation system that combines all the tasks of a high-suction evacuator, bite block, dry angles, cotton rolls, and gauze in one sleek device. This intelligent breakthrough in isolation resulted from years of R&D innovation designed by a dentist for dentists.

Discover The Benefits
DryShield is changing the paradigm for modern dentistry, delivering a host of benefits for your practice.

  1. Simple to install
  2. Easy to use
  3. Ensures patient safety
  4. Saves valuable time for both dentist and patient
  5. Allows the practice to see more patients in a day
  6. Frees assistant to multi-task
  7. DryShield dentists are saving 20-40% of procedure time and seeing more patients in each day
  8. Now with autoclavable and single-use mouthpieces available

Be more productive

Reduce chair time by 25-40% on every procedure


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50,000+ chairs

equipped with DryShield

40 million+ procedures

to date

In 39 countries

through 33 distribution partners

What dentists are saying

DryShield has been something that we’ve used in our practice for a while, and it’s been great obviously because it helps isolate what we’re doing, patients don’t feel like they’re going to swallow anything which is great. I think one of the big things is how it can help with aerosols as we’re dealing with the fear of not wanting myself or my team to have an infection from someone that may be a carrier.
Sully Sullivan, DDS

General Practice

We’ve been using DryShield in our office for a couple of years. I can even work by myself if I have to with DryShield because it keeps the tongue away. It’s a lifesaver.
Grace Yum, DDS

General Practice

The ability to sterilize the system allows for cutbacks on plastic and overhead costs. Without DryShield during this time I can honestly say that the patient experience would have been sacrificed, my staff would be busier, and I would be more stressed.
Colton Hartline, DDS

Pediatric Dentist

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