Medidenta, serving the Dental Industry For over 80 years with superior quality, innovative products, and competitive pricing. 

Since the 1940s, Medidenta has been at the forefront of dental technology making a name for itself in the industry. Today, out of its 26,000sq ft headquarters in Las Vegas, it continues to expand and innovate now more than ever. While leading the direct marketplace, Medidenta is committed to delivering quality products and superior customer service.

Medidenta has many ongoing Nifty Deals.

Medidenta provides handpieces of all kinds, including air-free highspeed

Prophy Magic gives you angles and prophy motors that are long-lasting, top-quality products.

Whiter Image is your go-to for cosmetic whitening needs!


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Medidenta provides endo and handpiece tools for the dental industry.

Dental Handpieces and other Dental items.

What they have:

  • Highspeed handpieces
  • Lowspeed handpieces
  • Hygiene handpieces
  • Implant handpieces
  • Carbide Burs and a whole lot more..

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