The most advanced dental direct mail program on the planet! Become an MVP “Most Valuable Practice” in your market and start driving new patients to your practice today!

For years, Nifty Thrifty has proudly recommended MVP Mailhouse to its members to grow their practices. Below is a special Nifty Deal you won’t beat anywhere!

Why MVP?

✔️ Better Targeting | MapIQ – Say goodbye to generic and ineffective radius mailing strategies! With MVP’s proprietary software, they identify and target YOUR BEST NEIGHBORHOODS and/or OPPORTUNITY ZONES instead of having to mail to an entire city or zip code. They can even remove your existing patients so they don’t receive it but all of their great neighbors do!
✔️ Better Design | MVP Design Lab – All postcards are custom-designed by their team of professional graphic designers, making sure they fit your brand, play to your strengths, and convey the right messaging to your target audience. They even help you with the best offers for your type of practice and area demographics. They mail and track results for offices across the country and know what works!
✔️ Better Results | MVP Scoreboard & Matchback Audit- Their ability to track your results is second to none! Each mailing campaign comes with a unique tracking phone number that rings seamlessly to your office and is recorded. Within hours, they then listen and score every single call your front desk answers from the mailings. Included is free front desk tips and training
and feedback on how well they do on the calls. They monitor what offers are working, what neighborhoods respond best, what services are most requested, cash vs insurance etc. All of your results are available 24/7 in your MVP Scoreboard and with their quarterly Matchback Audit, you will even know your exact ROI!


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