MVP Mailhouse

Today’s deal is mail meets tech
MVP brings customized direct mail to your practice!

What makes MVP different?
Map IQ helps to tailor your deal and your practice style to find your best patients
Customized design elements to play to your strengths
Metrics on the effectiveness of your campaign reported in real time
All calls from the marketing are reviewed for additional closing strategies.

The Deal:
One time upfront fee discount on mailing #1.

Fees: (must sign up for normal intro 3-mailing campaign)
5,000 order: $225 off
10,000 order: $500 off
15,000 order: $750 off

BONUS benefits for ANY office that mentions Nifty Thrifty Dentists (with or without purchasing program)

FREE Map IQ Patient Heatmap Analysis*
Maximize direct mail results by leveraging MVP’s proprietary technology, Map IQ. This mapping technology visually maps out current patients homes and then geo-targets the best look-alike audiences by identifying the hottest neighborhoods most similar to your current patients.

FREE Map IQ Area Opportunity Report*
Personalized key metric excel report breaking down the best opportunities statistically to target with direct mail around your office for new patient growth based on the following metrics:
– Market share
– New mover growth
– Production
– Patients per household
– Neighborhood Income, Home Value, Age, % of Children etc

To get this deal: contact Aaron Boone at MVP.