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Dr. Tuan Pham – Dental Maverick Summit

Dr. Tuan Pham – Dental Maverick Summit

Following up on my blog last week about the importance of networking and meeting with your dental colleagues, this week I’d like to talk about a great CE event that takes place Aug 2- 3 in Austin, TX. Not only will you learn from industry leaders, you will have a great time meeting your colleagues and enjoying great food and drinks.

This CE event is hosted by Dental Maverick. Dr. Tuan Pham started this program several years ago to leverage today’s technology and apply it to the dental consulting field. The Dental Maverick consulting program is revolutionary in that it brings dental consulting straight to you and works on your time line!

In some other dental consulting programs, you either had to fly out of town periodically to finish the program or had to work around the schedule of the consultant who was working with you. Well as any practice owner knows, sometimes getting away from the office and family is hard and having to change your schedule to fit the consultant’s schedule is not much better. That left many practice owners just forgoing valuable consulting that they might have needed because it just didn’t work for their schedule.

Well, this program addresses all those issues and more. Can’t travel? The program is online and absolutely no travel is needed to successfully complete the program. Too busy during the day to do it? This program is at your pace. The modules are short modules that are easy to implement on a weekly basis. Listen to them on your way to work or during your lunch break. It is at your convenience! Your schedule is not affected and your staff will not be overwhelmed with huge changes to your practice overnight.

The Dental Maverick Summit is guaranteed to be a rocking CE event that you will not forget. I’ll be there to kick off the speakers’ line up and would love to see y’all (you all for non-Texans) there! Let’s get together to learn, to socialize, and to have the most enjoyable CE event ever!


Find out about:

  • The foundation that the Dental Maverick program was built upon.
  • Design of the program allows for easier implementation.
  • How to create the office you want!
  • The Dental Maverick Summit, the great speaker line-up and how you will have a great time!
  • For more information about the Dental Maverick program, click here.

Dr. Tuan Pham – Dental Maverick Summit

Now…what about that awesome Nifty Thrifty Deal?

  •  If you enter the code “nifty” (all lower case) during check-out, you get $75 off! So you get great CE, food and drinks and an awesome time. Now that’s a nifty deal!
  • Register here and don’t forget to enter “nifty” at check out!





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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS


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