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DocSites: Inexpensive, Easy, and Effective Dental Websites

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Articles, Nifty Blog


Ali Soufi, the Chief Executive Officer of DocSites, believes running a dental website should be inexpensive, easy, and effective. As one of our newest sponsors, Ali Soufi dropped a super deal for our group, giving us insight into how DocSites handles every element of building websites from the ground up or migrating sites from past providers. 

DocSites has been working to create stellar medical and dental websites for over 12 years, dedicating their expertise to solely these categories since 2015. DocSites grew popular with dentists and other medical professionals because of how customer-oriented DocSites is, from the lowest level data guy to the company’s very CEO.

In fact, most of us know of Ali Soufi from events where he runs his own booth, explaining to us that he not only makes and runs top-ranking websites, but he also acts as the point-of-contact for many of DocSites’ clients himself.  This direct, hands-on approach to website management allows dentists to develop a one-on-one connection with their website provider, ensuring that their needs are understood and met in a timely manner. 

For just $49 per month, DocSites dental websites are hosted and updated by a team of professionals whose turnaround time is often as short as one day. So if you need to update your team’s photo or add a new deal for that month, you can call DocSites, talk to a human, and have the update done with lightning speed. 

Additionally, there are no hidden fees or additional yearly charges at DocSites, unlike some other website providers who may have slipped those on us in the past. The pricing, as Ali Soufi walked me through, is clear and firm. Not only this, but it’s inexpensive. Even their “Mercedes-Benz”-level option is affordable, especially for our group members who call Ali Soufi directly. 

If you’ve been burned in the past by your dental website provider, it’s important to note that DocSites is appalled by tactics such as “the domain hostage theory.” If you decide to switch providers at any time, there will be no drama or manipulation from DocSites. Ali Soufi even tries to find out about all of those website management horror stories and do the opposite. And so, he offers a full-service, no-contract plan for all of the DocSites dental website options. 

In short, Ali Soufi and his team at DocSites let the doctors be doctors while they take care of your website needs from start to finish. Even if you send them a bad image or bulky video, they’ll edit and upload it in the perfect place so that your site looks good and loads quickly. 

Have your brand new or remastered DocSites’ dental website up and running in just a few weeks!  It’s affordable, easy, and effective. Learn more about a special deal in it for Nifty Thrifty members below. 


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50% off the basic website package for Nifty members

Message him at one of his contacts or on his website (Make sure to tell him that you are from Nifty!)

DocSites: Inexpensive, Easy, and Effective Dental Websites



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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo