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Doing Dental Outsourcing Right with Support DDS

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Articles, Nifty Blog

Doing Dental Outsourcing Right with Support DDS


When Brenda McNulty worked as a dental consultant, one of the biggest issues she repeatedly ran into with her clients involved dealing with the sky-high fees and inconsistencies of outsourcing or insourcing additional labor. When she discovered and vetted Support DDS, a dental insourcing company, she referred a client to them with great success. Her client’s virtual assistant went above and beyond their expectations for an incredibly low, flat-rate fee. 


Throughout her consulting career, Brenda McNulty continued to refer clients to Support DDS, advising them of Support DDS’s triple win theorem: 


  1. The first Support DDS win is for the practice. Dental practices can save up to 70% on payroll for a highly skilled and college-educated team member whose resume would be incredibly difficult to afford in the states. 
  2. The second win is for the virtual team member. Dental outsourcing with Support DDS allows Zimbabwe’s best and brightest an opportunity to remain local and support their families in a country with an 80% unemployment rate. The small fee a dentist pays for Support DDS balloons into a comfortable salary and professional workplace. 
  3. The third win is that 51% of any profit collected goes straight into ministry work that provides resources and support for people around the world without access to necessities. 


After hearing the reviews of many satisfied clients of Brenda McNulty, Support DDS reached out to her directly and asked her to join their team. Understanding the impact of their service and what it takes for dental practices to succeed, Brenda joined the dental outsourcing company. 


So how exactly does Support DDS work? 


In our talk, Brenda McNulty explained the full process and benefits of hiring a virtual assistant in Zimbabwe. First, dentists reach out with requests for particular skills and/or background credentials. Then the Support DDS team vets hundreds of degree-holding candidates trained in dental practice software and presents the dentist with the top three choices for interviews. From there, the dentist picks his or her favorite candidate. 


For a flat fee of less than $2,000 per month (even for non-Nifty Thrifty members), dentists can hire a 40-hour-per-week virtual team member that is committed solely to their practice. Through their work, your Support DDS team member can free up your in-person staff to focus on patient interactions while they take over other time-consuming tasks like: 


  • Insurance verification 
  • Reactivation (Support DDS averages a 500% return on investment for recare) 
  • Checking claim status 
  • Personal assistance to the dentists: scheduling haircuts, balancing credit cards etc. 
  • Answering the phone when your team misses a call 


In essence, you can meet with your team and ask them, “What do you not like doing?” Then you can take those tasks and have your highly skilled and educated virtual team member take them over. This is especially good for those of us who “have a system but it’s not being implemented.” Before working with Support DDS, Brenda McNulty ran into this constantly. Having an extra set of hands can go a long way in reactivating those systems. 


In terms of cybersecurity, Support DDS exceeds all security recommendations due to continual audits that occur for such a large platform of virtual workers. Support DDS offers their employees medical benefits, a secure and professional working location, and unique opportunities. Only a select few applicants are chosen for Support DDS and trained to work in dental offices. 


Simba Makumbe, one of the Zimbabwean team members, reported that the feeling at their office is “electric” in their A-class high-rise building. They receive lots of support from the company and they “interact as a family.” Support DDS is fully equipped with everything the doctor requires for their virtual member to do their work effectively. All things are done to the T. 


Discover what a fully qualified,  flat-rate, no-contract team member can do for your practice. While you’re at it, learn how you can save even more money on dental outsourcing with the Nifty Thrifty deal below. 


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Doing Dental Outsourcing Right with Support DDS



Nifty Deal:

  • As a Nifty Thrifty Dentist, you’ll pay $1650/ month for 40 hours per week



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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo