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Don’t Wing It, Phone Script it!

So let’s talk about Phone Scripts..

Don’t Wing It, Phone Script it!

So one of the biggest lessons I learned early on in my practice, is that you can not assume that your staff knows what to say on the phone. Sure, our office had a few general scripts that dealt with how to greet a patient and how to book an appointment but there were a few situations that they either did not know what to say or they just “winged it.”

So I sat down one night and created a binder of different scripts for my staff. Most of these scripts were ones that I created on my own, ones from DentalTown, ones that I heard from other Docs, and ones that I learned at CE courses. I wanted to make life easier for my staff and give them something to work with. Instead of assuming that they knew what to say, I gave them a tool to say exactly what I wanted.

So I brought this topic up today because I actually wrote a few scripts last night to update our binder. One of those scripts is something I learned in a training session in the Delivering WOW University. Here’s the script:

When a new patient makes an appointment, always ask them – “Who else can I schedule in your family while we are still on the phone?”

It’s so simple yet extremely effective. We get so bogged down on making that one appointment that we assume the caller will naturally book the rest of their family without us asking.

Speaking of Delivering WOW University, we have a special deal for that course right here:


So what are your favorite scripts? Please share them so I can create a script library for us.

Knowing what to say and not “winging it” is the niftiest thriftiest way to increase production and avoid cancellations.


Till next time,

Dr. Glenn Vo


Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo