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Dr. Jim Downs/Arrowhead Dental Lab

Dr. Jim Downs/Arrowhead Dental Lab

Dental school gave us the basics in order for us to practice dentistry. We learned just enough to pass our licensing exams and happily put up a sign with our name on an office door.

But in reality, we learned so much more about every day dentistry outside of dental school. Whether it was just through experience (some gut wrenching), talking to our colleagues, or going to continuing education courses, it is what we learned after getting our degrees that develop us into the clinician we were meant to be.

That is why finding good quality, informative, and educational CE courses is so important to all dentists but especially new grads.

It is hard sometimes to find CE courses that are reasonable priced. Not all clinicians are in a position to pay thousands of dollars for a course in addition to taking time off out of the office.

That is why I was so excited to find Dr. Downs/Arrowhead Dental Laboratory.

As part of the Dr. Dick Barnes Group, Dr. Downs brings decades of knowledge to his classes. The courses are designed to be small so that all attendees get personalized attention. It’s nice when the classes are small enough where the instructor knows your name instead of yelling out, gentleman in the back corner wearing a yellow shirt!

Dr. Downs brings so much passion and energy to his courses that he will get you excited about dentistry again! You’ll have hands on experience in such classes as the full arch reconstruction course so you’ll be able to implement what you learned right away!

Arrowhead Dental Lab wants to encourage learning and they do so by pricing the classes very reasonably. Costs won’t be a factor with these classes!

Check out my chat with Dr. Downs and if you’ve been struggling with your clinical skills or practice management, take a look at Arrowhead Dental Lab and the classes they hosting with Dr. Downs and his colleagues. You’ll be glad you did!

Find out about:

  • Getting out of having the tooth mechanic mentality
  • Becoming excited about practicing dentistry again
  • Importance of case acceptance and talking to patients effectively
  • Why attendees come back multiple times
  • CE classes that are not only educational and effective but very reasonably priced

Dr. Jim Downs/Arrowhead Dental Lab

Now…what about that awesome Nifty Thrifty Deal?

  • $350 off a single course sign-up (excluding the New Dentist Program and Summer Summit)

To get this deal, call 800-995-7243 or visit Arrowhead Dental Lab here.

Mention the “Nifty Thrifty deal” and you’ll get the discount!


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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS