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How to Create a High Performance Dental Practice

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Dental Discounts, Nifty Blog

High Performance Practice

Fresh out of college, Dr. Justin Bhullar wanted to work under someone who knew how to run a business. So he sent out about 1,000 letters to practices worldwide and heard from about 10%. Of those 10%, only about 10% were willing for him to come visit. 

These select few were very giving and became what he refers to as “dental business mentors.”

Today, Dr. Justin Bhullar is a multi-practice owner that manages six Canadian practices from the sunny coast of Florida. Having learned countless lessons as he acquired up to 11 practices during his career, Dr. Bhullar restructured his management style to fit a healthier lifestyle, balancing income and time for his family. 

In our talk, he said that the number one thing dentists need to get clear about is, “what you want, and why you want it.” 

Running a practice may turn out to involve much more work than you ever anticipated. If you’re just starting out, Dr. Bhullar encourages you not to ask other dentists how to get what they have, but ask them what it takes to get what they have. 

Owning multiple practices—or even one— isn’t for everyone. Some people just don’t want to do what it takes to succeed in it, and that’s okay. We have a limited amount of time on earth so invest in what’s best for you.

If you aren’t careful, desperately pursuing growth can feel like you’re on a treadmill with your eyes half closed. Dr. Bullard says he was in this position at one point, and desiring a more fit body and happier family, switched to a more strategic approach. 

He began with a list of about 300 things that can go wrong in a practice and he mapped out proven solutions for each. This way, when one of his clients calls him with a problem, the solution isn’t going to turn that dentist’s office into a laboratory for testing. It will work. 

This is the power of mentorship. 

When I first began practicing dentistry, I thought that I could solve all the business-related problems I encountered by myself. Maybe this is true for many of us, but working with someone who’s ahead of you can help collapse growth timelines by teaching you what they’ve learned. 

Also, mentorship can reduce mental and psychological stress. When you have a mentor that’s ahead of you, no matter what stage you’re in, you can see their success and learn about how your mentor also struggled through that particular challenge. 

To make business growth-based mentorship available to all, Dr. Justin Bhullar partnered with profitable-two-day-work-week Dr. Paul Etchison to launch Dental Business Mentor. 

Dental Business Mentor has been featured in our group a couple of times for good reason. Not only do we have exclusive access to a consistent Nifty Thrifty Deal, but we have so much to learn from it. Even Dr. Bhullar has his own team train with this A-Z solution on nearly every business hurdle a dental practice may face. The program is membership-based, has a 100% money-back guarantee, and content is continually updated. 

On top of this familiar Nifty Thrifty Deal is a brand new one. High Performance Practice Management, Marketing, and Leadership is a must-have book recently released by Dr. Bhullar. I got my hands on it as early as possible and it’s a worthwhile read, and not just because Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank endorses it. 

It’s also coming with an unbeatable Nifty Thrifty Deal you can learn about below!

Nifty Deal

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High Performance Practice


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