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Dr. Mic Falkel / Onpharma


Dr. Mic Falkel / Onpharma

Dr. Mic Falkel was a chemist before he was a dentist. When local anesthesia grew more and more daunting for him, Dr. Falkel put his chemistry background to the test and founded Onpharma. 

Onpharma, a company that transformed me from a mad scientist attempting to buffer my own anesthesia into a safer and more effective dentist, produces premixed anesthesia buffers called Onset. 

Dr. Falkel wanted anesthetic to work like a switch. This way, once the anesthesia is administered, a doctor can immediately begin working on a patient instead of traveling from room to room waiting for the anesthesia to kick in. Not only does this normally increase the efficiency of dentists, but it is now necessary to prevent the spread of viruses such as COVID-19. 

With Onset, I can streamline my process with a patient from start to finish, eliminating any wasted time and potential cross-contamination opportunities. Having successful anesthesia buffering in this way may be the key to you running your business at some level of profit even with new COVID-19 precautions. 

This can also reduce doctors’ stress and increase their productivity because they can finish the procedure without interruption. Dr. Falkel’s motto is “See, treat, complete.” With Onset’s one-week shelf life, I can do that for around $12 a day. 

Investing some money, a little bit of training, and about 3 seconds to buffer the cartilage of anesthetic could give you back hours a day of work. Especially during the pandemic, a small amount of time can yield an incredibly big dividend for you and your patients. 

Personally, not only has Onset helped me work faster, but it also benefits my patients in more ways than just saving them time. For a comfortable injection, Dr. Falkal recommends that you start administering anesthesia by putting a drop of buffered anesthetic on the patient’s tissue that can help mitigate initial injection pain. 

Take the doubt of your head on whether or not the numbness has kicked in by applying Endo Ice on a cotton surface and placing it against the surgical margin of the patient’s teeth for five seconds. This can instantly tell you both if they are numb or not. My patients appreciate this extra step and it helps me focus, knowing that they will not be in pain. As injections are often the patients’ number one fear, going out of your way to acknowledge their welfare can increase your patients’ long term trust and loyalty to your practice. 

Here in the US, you can buffer any anesthetic with Onset except for the more rare, long-lasting ones used for pain control after a procedure. Onset has ramped up its supply chain so that there is no shortage due to the increased demand during our new normal where buffered anesthetic has risen into more of a requirement than a productivity booster. 

During our talk, Dr. Falkel offered us three incentives to try Onset including free shipping, a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, and a Nifty Deal of 10% off exclusively for our group. 

With the money-back guarantee, you’ll get 80 tries to determine whether it works for you or not, and you have three months to try it. Dr. Falkel is confident that it will change their practice for the good during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Now what about the NIFTY THRIFTY deal….
  • 10% OFF, with FREE shipping.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee provided that the staff gets trained and if you decided you don’t like it, just give them a call and tell them why?

 Visit the website to place your order:  https://onpharma.com/



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Glenn Vo
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