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Dr. Travis Campbell: Dentist, Speaker, and Happy Carestack User.

by | May 16, 2022 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Dr. Travis Campbell: Dentist, Speaker, and Happy Carestack User.

A year ago, I bought a mortgage and stopped living under a rock. Oops. Wrong blog. But, hey, I can run with it!


You must be living under a rock if you aren’t head over heels for my buddy Jim Gerson! He’s the mastermind behind a cutting-edge dental practice management software many of us have grown to know and love: CareStack.

If Jim and his team over at CareStack are news to you, let me “spill the tea” (as the kids say). Jim only took 45 seconds to talk about what he and his team do, but I wanted to dive into the details a bit more in this blog post. That way, none of my readers are missing the proper context. That’s right, I got your back!

Dr. Travis Campbell: Dentist, Speaker, and Happy Carestack User.

So, here goes: CareStack is an all-in-one cloud-based solution for dental practices. Their services include (but are not limited to):

  • Managing Finances: streamline billing, collections, and profits to gain total visibility into your financial performance.
  • Improving Patient Experience: personalize the patient experience and make every interaction between the patient and your practice easier than ever.
  • Monitoring Key Performance Indicators: access, visualize and interpret your data in real-time and gain insights into your organization’s clinical, financial, and administrative performance.
  • Growing and Scaling Profitably: as you add multiple locations, centralize your operations to decrease the overhead per office, improve the profitability of your group, and ensure consistency.
  • CareStack Tutorial: receive education via CareStack University to learn how to use CareStack… Use their “sandbox” to simulate using CareStack without risking getting caught on your heels in a real-world scenario.
  • CE for Increasing Practice Productivity: enjoy free CE and learn lessons about increasing practice productivity—from increasing case acceptance to implementing efficient scheduling and more.
  • Customer Service: get constant access to assistance from CareStack experts.

Jim believes CareStack is to the dental industry as a phone is to the average consumer, and I totally agree. Just think about it: If we rewind the clock fifteen years, day-to-day living required the use of tons of different devices from a fax machine, a desktop computer for email, or a clunky piece of plastic for a cellphone call. But that’s not the case anymore: phones provide an all-in-one solution—just like CareStack provides an all-in-one cloud-based solution for dental practices.

Regardless of whether you’re a huge fan of CareStack or you’re still getting familiar with their services, I don’t know anyone more pumped up about them than the “Practice Whisperer” himself: Dr. Travis Campbell.

Travis is a fellow user of Carestack, just like me, and he wanted to vouch firsthand about his experiences with how other “Guerrilla” dental practice management software—Open Dental, Dentrix, etc.—proved lackluster. That’s why he joined us on this week’s podcast to talk about his own experiences with CareStack, his role at CareStack University, and more.

The long and short of it is that switching to CareStack saved Travis’s tail and has set his team up for success. Nowadays, he whole-heartedly believes that CareStack is a cut above the rest—and he has a million things to say about why (if not more).

So, tune into this week’s episode to listen to Travis and Jim talk about the specifics of how CareStack works and what Jim and his team have done for Travis’s practice. Also, if you’re interested, send Jim a message in the Nifty Thrifty Dentists FB group or tag him in a post to schedule a demo. Or join the CareStack Champions FB group where you can get the latest deals, socialize with other clients, and more.

… And don’t forget about the Nifty deal!

Learn About:

  • What are the two types of dental practices Jim is usually helping out?
  • Travis has one practice that utilizes Dentrix and another that utilizes CareStack. What are some of the bones he has to pick with Dentrix (especially recently), and why does he think CareStack blows them out of the water?
    • Hint: One of his qualms with other “Guerilla” software is the constant need for updates leading to software crashing across the board; thus, when Travis is using some of the alternatives to CareStack, his practices are usually 2-3 updates behind the current version.
  • How was Travis’s transition to CareStack done in the “worst way possible,” and how is his team handling it?
  • What is the “driving force” behind CareStack?
  • How do Jim and his team over at CareStack aim to address “subscription fatigue”?
  • What does Travis have to say about where the dental industry is headed, and how is CareStack on board with the coming needs, trends, etc.?
    • Hint: DSOs and group practices are getting into the mix more heavily than ever before; with the private practice becoming rarer, efficient cloud-based software is becoming more of a necessity…
  • What is Jim’s commitment to CareStack “always getting better”? How is Jim always tweaking the “revenue-cycle experience” so CareStack can constantly push the envelope?
  • Why is Jim’s company user-driven and contingent on the feedback of folks such as yourself?
  • How did the Covid-19 pandemic factor into some of CareStack’s recent adjustments?
  • How has CareStack made dental insurance less of a headache for Travis and his team?
  • When can we expect Travis to give another training of CareStack? Who else belongs to CareStack University?
    • As somebody who hates public speaking, why has Travis had an easier time hosting training at CareStack University? Why is it less nerve-wracking than he had expected? In other words, how did it prove to be “fun” for him?
  • And more!


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