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How can DRNA save you up to 40% off on Dental Waste Management and Recycling?

by | Jun 21, 2023 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

How can DRNA save you up to 40% off on Dental Waste Management and Recycling?Many of you in the Nifty Thrifty group already know about Dental Recycling of North America (DRNA). These guys aren’t new kids on the block—having been around for 25 years—winning many favors in our community after consistently supplying so many of us with tremendous savings on dental waste management and recycling.

And just like you may be fond and well aware of DRNA, many of you will be familiar with my guest this week—Dave Picone, their Vice President of Sales. However, Dave was also joined by a new face—Rhiannon McHugh, DRNA’s Director of Marketing. Dave and Rhiannon wanted to talk about how their company can save you up to 40% off on Dental Waste Management and Recycling.

Depending on how busy your office is, you’re looking at replacing a cartridge a couple of times a year—that adds up! And that’s why I love buying from DRNA. In addition to the savings they offer, there’s no need to buy a name-brand name replacement cartridge or hire a tech to put it in.

As a leading provider in North America of dental waste management and recycling, including amalgam wastes, x-ray chemistry, lead, bio-hazardous, and pharmaceutical wastes, DRNA offers cost-effective solutions that save dentists money while keeping everyone compliant.

DRNA has been around for over 20 years and has helped many members save money over the Solmetex recycling cartridges. In Dave’s eyes, making sure you’re stocked up on Amalgam Separator cartridges shouldn’t cost a fortune. It also shouldn’t be difficult, which is why his team over at DRNA has created simplified tutorials on their website and assembled a specialized operations team who can walk you through the process of replacing your cartridges.

In fact, I truly believe that’s one of the most important services provided by DRNA. Installation is rarely free for any product or service, but Dave and his team over at DRNA make things so simple that any dentist can save some mula by taking installation into their own hands.

Whether you need equipment, recycling services, documentation, or education, the DRNA team is eager to support your business, budget, and bottom line.

Tune in to watch Dave and Rhiannon walk us through a presentation where they share some data about the Amalgam Separator market, how DRNA is beating their competitors to save dentists money, what sort of products and/or services they’re offering, and more.

… And don’t forget about the Nifty Deal!

Learn about:

  • How can DRNA help you save money on Amalgam Separators?
  • What about the Amalgam Separator Cartridges?
  • How about Sharps and Medical Waste disposal?
  • How easy is it to swap out the cartridges, and how does DRNA offer resources to make it even easier?
  • How does DRNA help to eliminate the middleman and allow you to save money through a DIY approach?
  • Is recycling all-inclusive when you buy an amalgam separator from DRNA?
    • Hint: Yes!
  • On that note, what comes included in the cost of purchasing Amalgam Separator Cartridges from DRNA?
    • Hint: Top-of-the-line Customer Service, shipping, and more!
  • How long has DRNA itself been around as a company? How has their long history enabled them to save dentists money by “cutting out” the middleman?
  • How can DRNA help you from getting charged twice?
  • What’s the difference between a “name-brand” and a “generic” when it comes to Amalgam Separators?
  • According to Glenn, why is Dave offering an amazing deal for dentists who are either managing a start-up or managing multiple practices? How is he a super resourceful person to have in your life?
  • What’s DRNAs “Refer a Friend” program, and how does it offer a win-win?
  • And more!


Nifty Deal:
Use discount code THRIFTY20 to get 20% off of any product you order from the DRNA website. Click here: https://drna.com/landing/niftythrifty/



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