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Dr. Scott Leune / Business Immersion Summit

Dr. Scott Leune / Business Immersion Summit

I had an opportunity to chat with Dr. Scott Leune recently and as always, he brings such great clarity to not just practice management but to life in general. His approach to all aspects of his life is to take action. If you are unhappy with the way your practice is going, don’t just sit there and complain to everyone on social media about it, do something! Learn the tools that you need to implement change and then DO IT!

Through his experiences from unbelievable successes to near catastrophic failures, Dr. Leune brings with him extensive experience in setting up and running successful dental practices. He has put all this knowledge together in his wildly successful Breakaway Seminars.

In this chat, Dr. Leune talks about his personal experiences and how that has allowed him create an effective seminar series that has helped numerous practices nationwide. He emphasizes the importance of taking control of your destiny. If you want to make a change, don’t just talk about it. Do something! Action is what it is all about.

We are all busy and when we take the time to go to a dental practice seminar, we want to learn valuable lessons so that we can immediately implement them when we return home. While it may be fun to go to an event with cool entertainers and shows, how does that help you on Monday morning when you’re seeing patients? Somehow the magician pulling cards out of thin air doesn’t help you too much when one of your most difficult patients is glaring at you from the dental chair!

This is where Dr. Leune’s events are second to none. His philosophy is to packed these events with the goal that you learn 3 things each hour! You learn something of value that will benefit your practice immediately.

Well are you ready to be immersed in great dental practice knowledge in 2 packed days? Take off 2 days from the office and it will probably be the best investment you could ever make for your practice’s future!

Dr. Leune has brought together the top consultants in the country in a 2 day summit at the Aria in Las Vegas. So in 2 days, you and your staff will be able to learn and pick the brains of the top dental consultants.

It is being held Sep 27-28 and the cost is $795 which is a great price for all that you will learn but wait, it gets better!

Register at https://convention.dentalwhale.com/ and use promo code “THRIFTY” and you will save an additional $100 off the registration!

Be ready to take action and take control of your practice’s destiny!

Find out about:

  •  Why dentists work hard but there take home pay doesn’t reflect that hard work.
  • How the dental landscape has changed with the proliferation of DSOs.
  • Learning how to be a CEO and not just a clinician.
  • What the future holds for the solo practitioner.
  • Breakaway Seminars and how it was created to convey a lot of information in an easy to digest format.

Dr. Scott Leune / Business Immersion Summit

Now…what about that awesome Nifty Thrifty Deal?

The Business Immersion Summit is being held Sep. 27-28 at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas.

  • Registration is $795 for two days of great seminars from top dental consultants.
  • For our Nifty Thrifty members, Dr. Leune is offering $100 off the registration fee!
  • The Summit is almost sold out so there are only a few spots left so take action and register today before you’ve missed the boat!

Register HERE and enter promo code “THRIFTY” to get $100 off the registration fee!


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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS


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